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POP peanut butter.JPG

Power of Peanuts

Peanut Butter + Dark Choc

POP Raisin.JPG

Power of Peanuts

Raisin + Dark Chocolate

POP coconut.JPG

Power of Peanuts


Native Jalapeno.jpg

Native - Jalapeno

Popped Lotus Seeds

Native Say Cheese.jpg

Native - Say Cheese

Popped Lotus Seeds

pollen and grace banana bread.jpeg

Pollen & Grace

Paleo Banana Bread

Native Pink Salt.jpg

Native - Pink Salt

Popped Lotus Seeds

Press Banana.jpg

PRESS Banana Bites

100% Dried Banana

Press mango.jpg

PRESS Mango Bites

100% Mango Bites

Pollen and grace red square.JPG

Pollen & Grace

Sesame + Acai Berry

Pollen and grace yellow sqaure.JPG

Pollen & Grace

Hazelnut Praline +Reishi

Pollen and grace blue square.JPG

Pollen & Grace

Coconut Caramel + Maca

D8 Green .jpg

D8 Moreish Dates

Natural Energy

D8 pecan.jpg

D8 Moreish Dates

Pecan & Crushed Apple

Press raspberry cashew.JPG

PRESS Snack Bar

Raspberry & Cashew

Press cacao matcha bar.JPG

PRESS Snack Bar

Cacao & Matcha

Press pineapple goji.JPG

PRESS Snack Bar

Pineapple & Goji

peakz orange.jpg


Orange Chocolate

popcorn shed pecan pie.jpg

Popcorn Shed

Pecan Pie

popcorn shed sweet cheeseus.jpg

Popcorn Shed

Sweet Cheeses

frubis dark strawberry.jpg

Choco Frubis

Strawberry Dark Chocolate

Emily's Green Beans.JPG

Emily's Veg Crisps

Green Beans

peakz caramel.jpg


Salted Caramel Chocolate

peakz hazelnut.jpg


Hazelnut Chocolate

peakz plain chocolate.jpg


Plain Chocolate

peakz mint.jpg


Mint Chocolate

peakz berry.jpg


Berry Chocolate

popcorn shed salted caramel 1.jpg

Popcorn Shed

Salted Caramel

popcorn shed pop'n'choc.jpg

Popcorn Shed


popcorn shed berry-licious.jpg

Popcorn Shed


popcorn shed say cheese 1.jpg

Popcorn Shed

Say Cheese!

frubis milk apple.jpg

Choco Frubis

Apple Milk Chocolate

frubis milk strawberry.jpg

Choco Frubis

Strawberry Milk Chocolate

frubis dark apple.jpg

Choco Frubis

Apple Dark Chocolate

ember original 1.jpg

Ember Biltong



Ember Biltong


Emily's Mixed Roots.JPG

Emily's Veg Crisps

Mixed Roots

Emily's Chilli and Lime.JPG

Emily's Veg Crisps

Sweet Potato Chilli and Lime

Emily's Sweet potato salt.JPG

Emily's Veg Crisps

Sweet Potato Sea Salt

Rhythm108 sweet'n'salty almond.jpg


Sweet'n'Salty Almond Bar

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