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Does your machine cost the business in which it is located anything to run?

The machine is supplied and run at no cost to the host business. We have some minimum requirements, please contact us to discuss suitability in your premises.

Do you charge an installation fee?

We usually do not charge an installation fee, however we request a minimum 6 month contract.

What is the energy consumption of the vending unit?

590 watts. The Jar vending unit is more efficient than the household fridge, due to the fact that the machine remains closed for a prolonged period of time. We can supply a metered plug to measure the energy consumption.

How do you keep products fresh in the vending machine?

We use custom developed software to constantly monitor the temperature inside the machine, and receive an alert instantly with any fluctuation.

What is the size of the machine?

Our smallest vending machine is a very compact unit. It measures less than 1 square meter in floor space and can fit almost everywhere in the building. In some cases we need to assess if we can fit the machine through the doors or inside an elevator. Our team is happy to come in to your premises free of charge to assess the possible obstacles and make sure we can overcome them.

Can we install the machine anywhere in the building?

It is best to install the machine in a highly visible and popular area of the building to maximize the benefit to the customers.

How do you manage waste products?

We incorporate telemetry systems into our vending units to make sure that only the necessary amount of fresh produce is stocked in the machine and there is minimal waste. Once the alert is triggered that the certain product is approaching the end of shelf life, we partner with a company called «Too Good To Go» to make sure it is sold at a reduced price. If, however it is still unsold, any remaining products are donated to local food charities.

What are the benefits compared to a conventional vending machine?

The Jar allows customers to pay using any type of contactless card as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. The system allows you to choose the product on a large, user-friendly touch screen, selecting and paying for multiple products in one transaction. You are offered an option to filter the menu to show only those products that match your dietary requirements and preferences. The on screen interface shows nutritional information for any selected product. To find out more about these benefits and many others, download our brochure at the bottom of the page.

Do you have the machines ready for installation?

We usually have a vending machine ready to be installed, to discuss installation please contact us via one of the methods provided.

How much is the vending machine to buy/rent?

We offer a fully managed vending machine service, our machines are not available for rent or sale, however you are welcome to contact us if you have any specific enquiries.

In what areas do you operate?

At the moment our standard geography of operations is within the M25, however we are always looking at new challenges!

Do you have fresh salads in the machine?

We have a varied product offering, including fresh food. We offer delicious breakfast options, a range of tasty meals, as well as a great range of snacks and drinks. Please refer to our recent product list which can be downloaded below.

Download our brochure

Download our full brochure as a PDF to find out about our services and machines.

Download our product list

Look at our most recent range for food and beverages from our carefully chosen suppliers.

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