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Find out more about our Vending Machines

Do you apply a service charge?

We do impose a service charge for our services however, the exact amount varies based on the venue where our services are provided. Each venue may have its own policies and fee structures, and our service charge is customised accordingly.

Do you offer any other vending solutions?

Certainly, we offer a range of solutions, including coffee machines and water coolers designed to cater to your individual requirements. To discuss, please contact us via one of the methods provided.

Is there any expense for the hosting business to operate the machine?

We offer a variety of vending options, where certain machines may involve a monthly fee, while others are available at no charge. Feel free to get in touch with us discuss your venue, and we customise a quote to align with your specific needs.

Do you charge an installation fee?

We do not charge an installation fee or removal fee.

Do you have the machines ready for installation?

Our machines are usually ready for installation however, please be aware some of our machines may have a lead time of a few weeks. To discuss installation please contact us via one of the methods provided.

Do you provide supplies if we already have our own machine?

Yes, in fact we can provide on demand wholesale supplies for your vending machine and/or office through our Eat Jar store. We have a wide range of different products available at wholesale price. Please follow this link for our store.

How do you keep products fresh in the vending machine?

We use custom developed software to constantly monitor the temperature and keep products at their optimal temperature, we will receive and alert instantly with any fluctuations.

Do you hold any food hygiene certificates?

Yes, we have been awarded a 5-star food hygiene rating by the Food Standard Agency. 

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