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Water Coolers

Water coolers provide instant access to refreshing, chilled water, promoting hydration and well-being.


They contribute to a healthy environment by reducing single-use plastic waste. Cost-effective and convenient, water coolers encourage regular water intake, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of community in both residential and commercial spaces..

Image by Thao LEE


Solid point of water cooler

Plumbed into mains water supply

110 cold cups per hour

A range of cooling technologies and finishes

Stainless steel design and stylish design
*cups not included


Height 1120 mm, Width 330 mm, Depth 300 mm

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 12.03_edited.png
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A range of technologies including filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling, or hot water.

Touch-free dispense

Dry Chill® Rapid and hygienic, efficient chilling technology

500 ml bottle facility

ProCore® Powerful and compact, energy-efficient modular system.

Plumbed into mains water supply

50 L/hour chilled and 15 L/hour hot water

Height 1330 mm, Width 320 mm, Depth 460 mm (floorstanding)
Height 420 mm, Width 320 mm, Depth 460 mm (tabletop)

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