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Top locations for healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Do you remember when you’ve seen the vending machine for the first time?

For me, my first time was when I was about 8-9 years old. I used to go ice skating at the weekends with my school mates and there have been plenty of vending machines at that stadium. Vending just became a trendy way of selling products, so you could see it being applied for everything: vending machines for drinks, machines for snacks, and for toys. I remember how surprised I was when realized that all I wanted I could get with the touch of a button. Vending solutions at that point were considered as a profitable but rather fast food business with artificial sandwiches and long-lasting soups full of additives.

Only when we started The Jar Healthy Vending in London our CEO Iurii managed to change my opinion and show me that food vending machines business can actually focus on serving even healthier alternatives than many restaurants. At the Jar our machines combine top-notch technology with high-quality products that are carefully selected for you by our team.

Our healthy food options together with cold drinks and nibbles are supplied by local companies to ensure your lunch is always fresh and delicious. Surely, there are plenty of vending machines London based which are installed across different spots in the city. Therefore, we have identified several top locations that one can consider when buying or renting a vending machine.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Office spaces

Some of the most in-demand places for vending solutions are offices and co-working spaces. High paced environment often allows workers to only get a 15-minute lunch which is definitely not enough time unless your food is fully prepared. The Jar products list includes delicious healthy snacks and cold drinks together with a range of fresh meals suitable for everyone.

Schools and dormitories

Other great spots for installing the Jar vending machines are schools and dorms. Students and pupils always enjoy grabbing a bite on the go. Late-night assignments also require energy boosters which are offered in the Jar Healthy Vending machines. Our personal recommendation for late risers: get some DRGN Turmeric infused super drink to keep yourself up all night. We guarantee you will forget about the coffee machine after trying the first can.

Shops and studios

Last but not least we see great potential for installing your first vending both in shops and music studios. The selection of healthy and fresh options in our machines can satisfy even the most demanding clients with vegan and vegetarian options available in each category. The Jar is one of the only vending companies in London which is specialized in providing nutritious solutions for all types of diets.

Anyway, we leave to your inspiration on where you would like to install your next vending machine from the Jar Healthy Vending. Our team is always ready to support you throughout the whole way and answer all your related questions. Feel free to drop us a message on our home page.

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