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With the growing demand for more modern and healthy lifestyle choices in the UK each year, people are looking for ways to keep their healthy habits part of their everyday lives. Supermarket chains in the UK are already stocking more healthy and conscious options to keep up with consumers' needs, so why not offer delicious and healthy snack and drinks options at your venue too?


Our unique vending machines are here to offer tasty and nutritious locally sourced healthy meals, snacks and drinks carefully chosen to suit every taste.


How it Works.


Our machines come fully serviced and thoroughly maintained by us. We take care of everything: stocking up and replenishing the machines when necessary. All we need from you is a square meter of floor space and an electrical socket.


Some of the happy clients of The Jar - Healthy Vending include the NHS, TFL, WeWork, TCN UK, Bell School, and Stella McCartney, and from what we’ve heard so far, the comments from their customers have been overly satisfying.

Why Choose The Jar - Healthy Vending?
Vending with heart and soul!

Choosing our vending machine as your venue on-the-go food of choice means you are supporting the vibrancy and diversity of small businesses. Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending we carefully select our partners by focusing on natural ingredients, the sustainability of production process and packaging, and the values that the suppliers follow. But most importantly - we only source tasty and delicious products, whether it would be a peanut bar, cold-pressed juice from wonky and ugly fruit, or a sustainable and 100% natural cola drink.


Reducing, reusing and recycling can be a key part of a climate change strategy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and this is why we are so passionate about making sure that no food waste is left behind. We donate a portion of our profits to support school Breakfast Clubs – ensuring that kids are fuelled-up to learn and thrive. On top of that, at the end of the product shelf life, unsold food from The Jar machines is donated to charities.


Partner with Us.


If you like the sound of our values and would like to get on board with The Jar - Healthy Vending please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us!

Our Healthy Vending Machines

Why not have an innovative, fully managed,

 healthy vending machine at your venue? 

What's in it for you?

Less energy consumption, safer

If you already operate a staff café, then you know that an open fridge with cold salads is an energy inefficient way to keep food fresh. Chilled vending provides a safe, reliable environment for freshly- prepared food.

Huge variety

Working with several food suppliers at the same time and with daily menu changes means an enormous variety of menus and food styles to suit all tastes, rather than the usual oh-so-predictable salads and sandwiches.

No losses

Anyone who has tried to run an ‘honesty bar’ offering food to employees can quickly see it turn into a ‘dishonesty bar.’ With The Jar - Healthy Vending, food is available 24/7. And it’s on sale, 24/7.

No overstock

We take care of the stock every day, so you don’t have to. No more boxes of unsold KitKats. No risk.


All we need from you is half a square metre of floorspace and an electrical socket.

All your favourite food in one place

Our team at The Jar - Healthy Vending sources healthy, fresh snacks and drinks as well as meals from a range of small producers.

The menu has something for everyone daily, including vegan, vegetarian, as well as gluten and lactose free choices. With our easy to use interface you can conveniently find products that suit your taste and preferences.

And our real-time online monitoring means we can adjust our menus to meet spikes in demand, whether it’s plenty of pumpkin soup at Halloween or extra strawberries during Wimbledon.


We work closely with our food suppliers to keep an eye on healthy levels of sugar and salt – and all our machines are enabled to display full dietary information so you know exactly what you’re having.

Download our brochure

Download our full brochure as a PDF to find out about our services and machines.

Download our product list

Look at our most recent range for food and beverages from our carefully chosen suppliers.

Chilled out vending London

We want to make the entire experience of having The Jar - Healthy Vending Machine on your premises as simple as possible. Once the unit is delivered and plugged in, you really won’t need to do anything else to it. When it reaches the correct operating temperature (which we monitor remotely 24 hours a day) we will be ready to begin stocking it up with delicious and healthy food.


The unit is made to our strict specifications and assembled here in the UK, and is designed for trouble-free operation, day in, day out. In the very unlikely event that a product gets stuck, we offer the option of an access key, which can be held by a trusted individual on your site, and which will open the unit to allow the product to be released. We can also provide the key-holder with a simple troubleshooting guide.


On the basis that we should always expect the unexpected, we also offer a free 24-hour technical assistance service.

Healthy food, for every occasion - drinks, snacks and meals

How we adapt food options that we provide

We only aim to sell what suites our customers’ taste. In order to do that we run questioners.


So far we had a good set of data returned to us. After analyzing it we are able to tailor more specifically to customers’ preferences. Below is just one example of such. A table that illustrates the most common cuisines amongst our customers.


By knowing that Mexican Cuisine is popular we were able to introduce Tex-Mex style ‘Taco Bowl’ salad by JuiceBaby, which was subsequently sold out on the number of days.


We aim to improve our food selection process over time to make it ideally suited to everyones needs inside the office on any day, any season.

We analyse payment method preferences, how likely people are to buy healthy food both in general and from the vending machine, their budget preferences and many more statistics.

A forward thinking company

We incorporated telemetry software in our machines that allows us to monitor the status of the vending unit and its vital components as well as collecting sales statistics. 


Over the course of the past two weeks we achieved average sales of above 100GBP daily. As well as some loyal customer base. We see the potential of further growth of sales.


We would love to hear from you!

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