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The Future of Vending.

Vending Machines London

The best vending for your business

Our services come in different shapes and forms - vending machines, smart fridges, coffee vending, micro-markets and even wholesale food supplies. Our machines are fully serviced, so you get a no-hassle snack in your workplace, school, gym or even on the go. Our product variety includes snacks and drinks ranging from popular classics to healthier alternatives. Guilty pleasure snacks, vegan, low-sugar or gluten-free - you name it, we have it. Our offer allows you to get the best at a minimal cost to your business. 


How it works

We provide fully-serviced vending machines and smart fridges that are thoroughly maintained and monitored by us.

They're secure, refrigerated and filled with delicious snacks and drinks carefully selected by The Jar Team. 

​All we need from you is an electrical power socket and 1 square meter of floor space!

Contactless payment

Innovations optimise our time and productivity by delivering fundamentally new ways of doing ordinary things. Inefficient becomes history, convenience - the top priority. And that goes for cash payments. Notes and coins are classy, but contactless payment is up-and-coming.

To support this demand we have incorporated an effortless payment system in all our vending machines. Our quick-and-easy payment method makes purchasing a snack easier than liking a picture on social media. And unlike older models of vending machines, we accept contactless payment of any kind, be it via ApplePay, Google Wallet, WeChat, QR Code Pay or card payments for faff-free purchases around the clock.

Since the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 there has been an inevitable change of hygiene standards, making “contactless” no longer just a convenience, but a necessity. At the Jar - Healthy Vending we want our customers to feel safe when purchasing snacks from our vending machines. Contactless payment has been our motto from the start and now it is as relevant as it has ever been. A safe, hassle-free, and hygienic way to pay when your cravings have got the better of you.

Be in charge of your personal space and time with our contactless payment system and state-of-the-art machines, which are expertly designed to get your highest quality healthy snacks in record time.

Online Monitoring

We at The Jar - Healthy Vending are confident to claim the title of a revolutionary new vending machine company, which always strives to go above and beyond with our service. Our online monitoring software helps us keep track of daily sales, meaning we can regularly stock our vending machines in London to ensure they never run out of tasty snacks. Unlike classic models, we have equipped all of our machines with unique and tailor made software to ensure our customers always have what they need. After all, there is nothing worse than craving a snack and finding it is out of stock.

Instant smart notifications inform us of any problems, including low stock, error alerts, poor-Wi-Fi or anything else that will make your vending experience less than perfect. Even if an error occurs while using the machine, we will straight away receive an alert which signals us to solve the problem as soon as we can.

Our aim is to give each and every customer a faultless experience. We take customer service very personally and can assure that any issue you may face will be resolved immediately. Committed to providing healthy snacks around the clock, we have adopted a unique design and technological  approach to ensure you never have to miss out. Our online monitoring software helps us provide the flawless service we have always planned to give. Therefore, we have invested in innovations to guarantee it. Purchase your healthy snack at one of our vending machines and test the theory for yourself.


Does low stock disappoint you as much as lunch without a tasty treat? We at The Jar - Healthy Vending take stocking and customer satisfaction very seriously. It’s our absolute duty to make sure all the machines have your favourite snacks in-stock any hour of the day.

Smart monitoring system allows us to receive regular updates and sends alerts when the stock at your location is running low. By tracking daily sales, we monitor the capacity of our vendors to assess and measure the demand too.

We work closely with local brands and suppliers to source the freshest and highest-quality products on the market because quality is one of our key traits. Offering a varied range of carefully-selected healthy snacks, invigorating drinks, and nourishing meals, Eat Jar is an optimal destination of balanced nutritious meals on-the-go. With in-built temperature-control features and latest technology, your meal choice is always perfectly chilled and fresh.

Apart from the highest quality drinks and food, The Jar - Healthy Vending has a little something more in stock. Environmentally conscious, we are dedicated to protecting the world around us by providing cutlery trays and biodegradable wood-based cutlery for all visitors.

Free maintenance and delivery

Solution-driven, The Jar - Healthy Vending is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our machines are integrated with innovative systems to ensure your experience with us is effortless and hassle-free. One of the ways we have achieved this is by offering free maintenance, ensuring a safe and secure delivery system and regular quality checks, at no extra cost to you.

Our built-in error-proof design is a sophisticated system of sensors that directly feeds back to our computers. That way, if a customer is experiencing any problems with our vendors, we will receive an immediate alert and will therefore be able to resolve the problem remotely. Our machines will arrive fully stocked and ready to use. You do not need to worry about restocking them too, we have that covered. As part of our service, we remotely monitor stock in our vendors and personally refill them when needed. Similarly, we will monitor and fix any glitches and update you on the interface, pro bono.

Our services come free of charge, so you will never have to worry about sneaky hidden costs lurking in shadows. All delivery, re-stocking, monitoring and maintenance charges will never be a concern to you, because once you invest in The Jar - Healthy Vending, we will always have your back. All you need to do is purchase one of our machines and we have the rest covered.

If you would like to learn more about our incredible offers and services, contact us and we will promptly answer any of your questions.

Customised menu

Stocking our The Jar - Healthy Vending vending machines in London is the process we are truly proud of. To present the finest choice of products, we do extensive market research to make sure you and other customers get the best nutritional value with just a few clicks on the smart touch screen. We all know that tastes might differ throughout the country which is why we have thoughtfully created bespoke menus for each and every machine to make sure the customers in your area are getting what they need.

Our formula for a great customized menu is built on three fundamentals: taste preference, budget, and the location. With our customer-focused approach and a wide range of tailored menu choices, you can choose the perfect match for your clientele. Easy-to-navigate touch screens make identifying snacks for your dietary needs safe and easy. From vegan to gluten-free, we have sourced and stocked food and beverages to cater for everyone and constantly improve on this by monitoring customer feedback.

Signature intelligent online monitoring software helps us observe sales and allows us to re-stock products as soon as they are running low. And as much as we love our carefully crafted menus, we are always happy to adjust them on demand if we see that some products are selling more than others. Stocked from only trusted local suppliers our snacks are varied, fresh and made from the highest quality products. Best taste experience is our number one priority.

All your favourite food in one place

The menu always has something for everyone daily: all-time classics, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. We always carefully consider each client's preferences and customise the menu accordingly.


Our easy-to-use interface allows you to find products that suit your taste and dietary requirements conveniently. 

healthy snack vending machines London

Smooth experience 

We want to make the entire experience of having The Jar - Healthy Vending Machine on your premises as simple as possible. 

Once the unit is delivered and plugged in, you won't need to do anything else. When it reaches the correct operating temperature, we stock it with delicious food and drinks.

The unit is made to our strict specifications and assembled in the UK. It is designed for trouble-free operation, day in, day out. We offer a free 24-hour technical assistance service and will attend the machine immediately upon discovering any issues.

Tailoring experiences to fit your needs on any day 

Our software allows us to analyse sales data to provide customers with the best product selection based on trends.
We can adjust the machine's product offering to suit the venue's specific requirements. We can accommodate a no-plastic policy, specific allergy-free products or any other needs on any day or season.

The Jar Healthy Vending
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