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The Jar - Healthy Vending Trends: Wellness Edition✨

As Adel promised in her previous “The Jar - Healthy Vending Trends” post we are back with even more newbies for 2021. Although you have learned about the growing popularity of certain foods and diets, your picture will not be complete without lifestyle and fitness remarks. Otherwise, how can you even complete your list of new year resolutions?

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

CBD Everything

I might look like a big fan of CBD with many of my posts like one of the latest ingredient digests being focused on this already common additive. What can I say? Seems like CBD is going with us into the new year and most likely booked its place for many more upcoming ones as well. CBD foods and beverages are just one side of the coin. Among other products you find everything from beauty products and CBD infused nail polishes to CBD bed pillows and toothpicks.

The Jar - Healthy Vending Verdict: CBD might be great for many purposes but if you want to stand out from the crowd it is definitely not something you can show off with.

Wellness Sabbatical

Don’t you agree that even a 2 weeks holiday sometimes seems not enough to reboot and re-energise? The new wellness sabbatical trend is exactly about it. It stands for the belief that restoring motivation requires a much longer break than we usually tend to think (3 weeks at least). With this year's madness, a sabbatical approach to wellness has all the base to stay in the top list for the whole year. Also I just found a great excuse for skipping a few weeks of articles and simply calling it “wellness sabbatical time”;)

The Jar - Healthy Vending Verdict: Be mindful and listen to your body needs. Do not pressure yourself. If 2 weeks of holiday is enough for most of the people, it can still not be enough for you. You might need a little longer and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, it’s wellness sabbatical!

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Lockdown is a source of mixed feelings and a great number of virtual workouts. Have you noticed how simple gym class turned into a gamified workout session in a home setting? Or an ordinary mirror became a functional and interactive home gym?

We did and we are in love with all the creativity and innovation. So if you are slightly bummed that the pandemic hit us with a second wave this winter, get one of our rejuvenating and mood-balancing probiotics water from PRESS and try out this new trending fitness-related activities at home.

Livestream workouts

We love working out in a gym and in groups. But those creative and even free livestream sessions have actually been a great addition to the overall maintenance of physical fitness. People have been really keen to keep training, despite the gym being out of bounds.

The Jar - Healthy Vending Verdict: if your main goal is to stay fit - it's a great option. But we still do miss group classes!

Primal movement

So, it is a fitness routine that focuses on basic and natural movement. Like those that we learn while we are babies and which develop strength, flexibility, repair and prevent injury.

The Jar - Healthy Vending Verdict: yeah...a little strange, but hey - at least at home there’s no one to be shy around. Realise your inner animal.

Focus on recovery

Recovery is finally as important as the workout itself. Now, there are five primary recovery techniques to add to any fitness routine, and they include rest, hydration and eating, massages, contrast therapy, and ice baths.

The Jar - Healthy Vending Verdict: that adds up to the whole mindfulness over everything else story. But we strongly support it! Do not forget to give yourself enough self-love for the body to thank you back.

That’s it for now on the healthy trends for 2021 but of course we will always keep you posted if something else pops up.

Your Jar - Healthy Vending team!


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