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The Jar - Healthy Vending Eating Styles - Quiz!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Here we are again with the beloved quizzes!

Today’s agenda - all things snacks. But this time you don’t have to guess anything (phew!) but rather just get to know the type of eater you are a little bit better.

Diet, frequency, and feelings of fullness and starvation - all manifest differently in people and when it comes to healthy eating everyone has their personal wants and needs that suit your special self the best.

Go ahead and ponder on your daily choices with our little The Jar Healthy Vending quiz below - count your points and get surprised.

Adventurous Eater (6 - 7 points)

Are you convinced that variety is the spice of life? Have you surprised your friends with your meal choices at least ones? Are you always up for something unusual and exciting?

Then you are among the adventurous eaters! Oysters? Bring it on. Some rare sashimi? Yes, please! The new does not scare you, on the contrary, ignites your natural curiosity. For you eating is a conscious practise - you’re not just taking a food your familiar with and consuming it as fast as possible, you’re slowing down to experience the new flavours, textures, and sensations.

On our side, The Jar Healthy Vending has the following suggestion - The Pickle House Bloody Mary Mix - a blend that is brewed for twelve weeks with sliced cucumbers and spices to create a flavour that is both sweet and savoury. Unusual? Sure. Delicious? Exceptionally!

Emotional Eater (10 - 12 points)

The type of eater we all can relate to sometimes. Stressful task at work? Argument with a friend? In the world of triggers food is a comfort zone for you. It's common to think that emotional eating has one extreme - an endless spiral of shame as you get progressively more upset about the amount of food you have just eaten. However, we don't think it has to be particularly that way only.

If you need a safe, sweet and guilt-free type of snack to cope with an overwhelming stress - try our Peakz Hazelnut Chocolate Squares - each bite is packed with B12, Iron and is high in fibre - all that on top of delicious Belgian chocolate.

Critical Eater (13 - 15 points)

You surely know what extremes are. When you are on the healthy vibe - you are the most critical and observing of everything that makes up your daily menu - stating with calorie counting to the PFC balancing. You know the importance of nutrition, most probably are tuned in to the latest healthy trends and kale almost always makes it to your grocery basket.

However, sometimes critical eaters also have a hard time sticking to a consistently healthy diet. They can easily bounce from eating an entire box of low-fat cookies, to quick-fix diets like juicing. We have two options - if you feel like treating yourself - go for Popcorn Shed with cheese, only 120 calories but enough taste to satisfy your craving. On your common strict diet day - Pollen & Grace Vibrant Jackfruit + Yuzu Courgetti Pot.

Sensual Eater (16 - 17 points)

Oh yes, you know how to appreciate food and enjoy every last bite! It's not a hard task to break you diet commitments - but that does not necessarily make you an unhealthy type. You just never rush through a meal, finding pleasure and gratitude in this endless world of taste.

Our guess, you would love Pollen & Grace Mexican Chipotle+Sweet Potato Super Salad, which is an absolute burst of healthy flavour you can indulge in on-the-go in your favourite park.

Energy Eater (18 - 20 points)

We are slightly biased towards this group...Why? Energy eaters focus on healthy on-the-go snacks, and The Jar just happened to have the whole load of them!

But while it’s important to listen to your hunger and eat fast-acting carbohydrates, like Pollen & Grace Paleo Banana Bread or Pollen & Grace Sesame + Acai Berry Super Square when you need to, be sure to still have balanced nutritious choices by not missing proper lunches.

Whichever type of eater you are,

The Jar Healthy Vending will always find a treat for each and every cherished customer!

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