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Guess the Jar Healthy Vending Machine

It’s been a while since the last game we played together. Our last game was about ‘healthy drinking’, so we can say it is definitely time to have some more fun. For this post we have decided to see how well you know which vending machines or smart fridges we have in our range. You will have a short description for each question and your role is to guess which machines this characteristic belongs to.

Let’s get straight into it.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

The first machine is the largest one we have in our range. This model is basically where the Jar – Healthy Vending has started from when we first came out with the idea of our own machines. It has a maximum capacity of about 480 items depending on product dimensions. It comes with a gorgeous 22’’ high-resolution screen and even has a cutlery tray for making healthy eating even more convenient.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

The second machine we like to call the son of the previous machine we have talked about. It has a similar design and even the same size of the screen. However, it does have a few differences from the one before. It has a smaller size and really helps you to make the best of your office if you do not have large open spaces. We know that for many of our customers this is one of the key benefits as we often hear that the machine needs to be a maximum of one meter wide. In numbers, the dimensions of this beauty are 1922 x 800 x 940 mm. In addition, this machine has an additional payment option as it also accepts digital payments and not only cashless transactions.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

For the third option, we have the latest arrival to our machines range. It might be a way too easy to guess it if we go into its main characteristic straight away. Therefore, at first, we can just mention that this machine has slightly a bigger 24’’ ultra-high resolution touch screen for convenient product selection. It has also a camera and it is used not for spying but for customer facial detection and a smart way of charging. Its functionality also gives you an option to create loyalty schemes and customer rewards. And now the main difference from other machines in our range. It uses RFDI tags for identifying which products have been taken by the customer. Well, after this one you can't be wrong about which machine is this one.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

Last but not least is the machines which can be truly named our brightest option from them all. Its screen goes nearly over the whole machine which is 42 inches. It gives you the possibility to demonstrate all the products together with nutrition information allowing great marketing of your products. The capacity of this machine is the largest one we can offer at the moment which is up to 640 items depending on product dimensions. It has all the main benefits of the first two machines and only missing space for a cutlery tray.

Do you think you have managed to guess them all correctly?

The correct answers are: 1) MK1 2) MK3 3) Smart Fridge 4) MK2

You can always find out more about our healthy vending machines on the dedicated page as well as read separately about our new solution for smart fridges.

Enjoy your week!

The Jar – Healthy Vending Team

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