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Lactose Myths Busted by The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

How many times have you heard that lactose is bad for you? In 2020 it might equal the number of negative remarks you hear regarding alcohol. It does seem like all your problems come from the consumption of lactose and that everyone above one-year-old is intolerant to it. At the Jar Healthy Vending, we never allow ourselves to be led by rumors and fake news, especially when it comes to eating habits. In our blog, we have so far busted at least three healthy myths about sugars, gluten, and superfoods. You can always check “Top 3 Healthy Myths Busted” post here.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Lactose is a sugar composed of glucose and galactose naturally found in dairy and most mammals’ milk. Milk that does not contain any lactose is usually non-dairy and plant-based or one where natural enzyme lactase was added to break down lactose. Lactose does affect our body but not always in a dangerous and harming way or let’s say not for everyone. Therefore, have a look at our list of lactose myths busted below.

Myth #1: Lactose intolerance equals dairy allergy

Diary allergy is our body reaction to some of the proteins in milk. The reaction of milk allergy can be quite severe with symptoms like vomiting and swelling. Whereas lactose intolerance is a condition when people are not able to digest the main carbohydrate in milk products - lactose. It is much less harmful than dairy allergy but still brings a lot of discomforts.

Myth #2: Lactose intolerance is common for most of us

Many people tend to think that everyone is intolerant to lactose after a certain age. However, this is definitely a speculative statement. It is true that intolerance among children is lower than adults. Nevertheless, the spread of lactose intolerance, in general, is overestimated with it being common for only 1 in 10 people. Moreover, for most people, the symptoms of the condition can be very mild and slightly noticeable.

Myth #3: Lactose intolerance means the same for everyone

As discussed, lactose intolerance can have different effects on everyone. Some can be severely intolerant while others can be having trouble with digestion only after high consumption of dairy products. The reason for that is the body’s little ability to produce enough enzyme lactase which is responsible for breaking down lactose into two other sugars. When conducting a typical test for intolerance and food sensitivity it will show you to which extend you are not able to digest that or another product. For example, you might think that you are intolerant to lactose. However, in reality, the test might show that you are only sensitive to it instead of being completely intolerant. In this case elimination of all dairy products is not needed instead it would require only cutting down the amounts.

All of our healthy vending machines in London are filled with plenty of lactose-free drinks and snacks available at the touch of a button. Have a look at our product list to find your favorite healthy nibbles and feel free to inquire about London healthy vending solutions on our home page.

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