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Top 3 Healthy Myths Busted

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Today green is the new black. Healthy nutrition has become highly popular and it is seen with the naked eye. Take social media, if you follow one nutritionist on Instagram, the recommended page will flood up with millions of other suggestions and healthy advices. It could be great since now there are endless references to what we think is a healthier choice. But unfortunately, bloggers are not always the most credible source of information.

Our The Jar Healthy Vending team did our research. We admit those beautifully edited photos and mouth-watering smoothie bowls are indeed tempting, but even those with bio “nutritionist” can let you down. Recent studies found out that only 2 out of 9 studied popular bloggers actually provided adequate and relevant advice. In other instances, the information was unsupported by any scientific fact and sometimes potentially harmful information.

No single diet suits perfectly for everybody. But considering the growing number of pretentiously healthy products and recipes, it's a must for us to look into the most popular healthy myths and share the juice with you.

Myth 1

Fruits have too much sugar

We are pro-vegan and pro healthy, but when it comes to fruits, opinions start to vary. Some keep up to their 5-a-day, others believe that deadly sugar is far from anything nutritious.

Let’s clarify, sugar in fruits is called glucose and it is very different from the one contained in processed foods. And it is actually a vital component for our brain and muscles to perform everyday tasks. Besides, how about the valuable fibre and other nutrients hiding in that fruit salad?

The baseline – keeping sugar low diet is important, but that concerns processed foods more rather than natural goods with tons of vitamins and minerals.

Think about all the antioxidants in berries and vitamin C in citrus bursts of sunshine, how can you miss on that? Try our probiotic infused PRESS Water+ with strawberry and dragon-fruit to support your digestive and immune systems and get the most out of those delicious fruits.

Myth 2

Gluten-free makes you healthier

We remember a few years back the gluten-free boom was out of control. No one really understood why everyone should go gluten-free, but we still did. Because it’s healthy, right?

Well, apparently, the gluten-free mark doesn’t make the product healthier since the ingredient list may actually go crazy with sugars and fats instead. Makes sense, by removing one ingredient, others may add up to compensate for that. We are talking about refined starch and unnecessary salt.

It’s very important to avoid gluten if you have a medical condition, but if you still prefer to be on the safe side, double-check the ingredient list.

The Jar Healthy Vending has an abundance of safe-to-eat gluten-free options. Also obviously carefully examined for unnecessary sugars and salt.

Myth 3

Superfoods are key to a healthy lifestyle

This subject became the new sensation of the healthy-oriented minds in recent years. Aren't we all eagerly awaiting to stock up on the new superfood from the radars of healthy bloggers?

It’s like a game of discoveries, despite the fact that those superfoods existed for years. We don't want to be a buzz kill, but nutritionists say it is still unclear what a superfood is. How one product gets a status of a superfood, while another similarly healthy and valuable product remains unnoticed? Baseline - we should not only chase after trendy foods, but make use of those, that are always at our disposal.

We At The Jar Healthy Vending value each and every natural product, even if it is as simple as an apple. For example, our cold-pressed apple juice from PRESS.

Ok, fine, we are guilty here...we do add new interesting findings to our menu and are crazy about all the new superfoods. But it's only to provide you with the maximum choice!

Enjoy The Jar Healthy Vending menu range and be sure, that our team took care of all the myth busting!

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