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Ingredient Digest: Sauerkraut

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Fermented foods - you can love it or hate it, but you can't deny the goodness it brings to your gut.

Sauerkraut might be not the most popular dish on your dining table and is certainly not a quick office snack (because, hm, the smell). But it surely is a new, non-trivial and quite savoury way to add up probiotics to your system (in case you are tired of kombucha, kimchi and yoghurt). And as a bonus - it also works great for vegans.

The Jar Healthy Vending team has decided to look into something out of ordinary once again and bring you the digest of another ancient superfood but yet super relevant even today.


It might be the most simplest and straightforward dish - just cut raw cabbage into pieces and ferment it - here you have the sauerkraut. The name of this food item comes from the words sauer (sour) and kraut (cabbage). All the goodness is always in the simple things!

Fermentation has always been a way to keep food from spoiling and preserving it for a long time. However, eventually it turned out to be a very health-oriented practice.


The word "probiotic" says it all - there are just too many benefits this type of cabbage has for your health.

  • DIGESTION AID Sauerkraut is rich in probiotics (read more about pre- and pro- biotics here). In short, this is what aids the digestive process and maintains a healthy gut flora. The fiber is also beneficial - this is what gives the digestive tract a workout. Fermented cabbage is easier to digest than raw cabbage, and may reduce digestive symptoms like bloating and gas. Sauerkraut may even help with certain digestive disorders, like IBS.

  • HIGH IN FOLATE Because fermented cabbage is high in folate, it can potentially help with hearing loss and gum disease. Folate is needed for cell division and DNA production, which is why this component is highly favourable by our body. It also strengthens the heart and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

  • BRAIN AID As we already discovered, the brain has a close connection with the gut. It’s all about the flora, and its relation to brain health and even the reduction of stress. If your gut is healthy and flora is covered with good bacteria - anxiety and depression may be reduced by the increase of mood-related minerals like zinc and magnesium. Good alternative for a side snack.

  • VITAMIN SOURCE Sauerkraut is full of Vitamins A, B, C and K. Eye health is another benefit of sauerkraut.

  • HELPS LOSE WEIGHT Because of the fiber in sauerkraut, the digestion process is slowed down. This may help you with weight loss, if that is your goal. You feel full faster when you eat fiber-filled food, so there is less snacking.


Our main priority is to make healthy eating not only eye appealing, delicious and tasty, but also easily accessible and hassle-free.

Our healthy vending machines in London have a range of different meals, snacks and drinks for you to try, and all of them are nutritious. Think of any superfood or probiotic - and you will find in The Jar Healthy Vending machines in London.

Once your machine is installed we will remotely monitor the machine’s sales to learn what the favourite products of your employees, pupils or customers are.

When we restock your machine we will make sure to include plenty of these ‘in demand’ products so you do not run out. Our machines also come with a cutlery tray, so if you’re grabbing a meal you don’t need to panic about not having a knife and fork with you. In case you are bringing your own food (like say a fermented cabbage to your office) and want to mix it with a lunch from The Jar - you will have a place to have your food comfortably.

The cutlery we supply is also biodegradable, as we are an environmentally friendly company and we believe in reducing wastage wherever possible. You will be able to find out handy nutritional information about the food you are purchasing by using the touchscreens. You will also be able to find out information about gluten-free and vegan products on the screen, making finding something suitable for your dietary requirements a lot easier.

Keep your gut healthy with The Jar!

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