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Chakra Healing diet solutions from The Jar - Healthy Vending.

How about a diet that helps you to balance your chakras?

From our healthy hobbies article you have already learned that I am a big fan of yoga. However, nutritious food is definitely another big passion of mine. How can you combine it? After some research I actually found out that there is a chakra healing diet that is devoted to balancing all the energy centres in your body.

Let’s start from basics and first of all talk a bit about chakras themselves. From sanskrit chakra is translated as wheel or disk. There are seven chakras in one’s body starting from the beginning of our spine and going up to our head. Different chakras are responsible for energy centres in some parts of our body and, therefore, can be either blocked or open. For example, let’s say someone has regular problems with stomach - based on chakras it means a person is most likely to have his/her/their third(close to solar plexus) chakra blocked.

Most yoga practices are focused on opening blocked chakras through intense asanas where that or another center is physically simulated. At The Jar - Healthy Vending we decided to do it our way and support your chakras through providing with the best snack and beverage options to support your chakra healing diet.

So let’s start spinning our energy disks!

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Root Chakra

Location: The base of one’s spine

Responsible for: Feeling of being safe, secured and grounded.

Open chakra - Financial independence and security.

Foods: As the symbolic colour of this chakra is red all related fruits and vegetables go well for balancing it. Try eating more strawberries, cherries, peppers and beets.

The Jar options: PRESS Clean Beet and PRESS Berry Boost

Sacral Chakra

Location: Just below the novel

Responsible for: Creativity, commitment, passion and emotions.

Open chakra - Confidence, flow of creative and sexual energies.

Foods: If having a low-confidence get yourself some bright orange natural foods. Do not go for artificial colourings and instead try to eat oranges, squashes, carrots, papaya and mangoes.

Solar Chakra

Location: Near Solar Plexus

Responsible for: Self-esteem and willpower.

Open chakra - Feeling of being truly connected to who you are.

Foods: Sunny-hued foods such as corn, pineapple, bananas, lemons, oats and yellow bell peppers.

Heart Chakra

Location: At the heart level

Responsible for: Love, compassion, joy and kindness .

Open chakra - Healthy boundaries and ability to love without jealousy.

Foods: Not so obvious but heart chakra is all about greeny veggies and fruits. Choose between or take together broccoli, kiwis, kale and green apples.

Throat Chakra

Location: Close to your throat

Responsible for: Speaking, openness and expression.

Open chakra - Developed communication skills.

Foods: Associated with blue colour foods can help you balance your throat chakra. Go for blueberries and figs.

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between your eyebrows

Responsible for: Intuition and wisdom.

Open chakra - Trusting yourself and knowing what’s better for you.

Foods: Plenty of foods to choose from this purple palette. Take some plums, blackberries, eggplants, black carrots and grapes.

Crown Chakra

Location: Top of your head

Responsible for: Enlightenment.

Open chakra - Being fully conscious, aware and mindful.

Foods: This chakra rather stands for fasting experiences. However, water still goes well for its stimulation.

The Jar options: Find your favourite water in our drinks menu.

Wishing you to stay in connection with your body and mind❤️

The Jar - Healthy Vending will help with right nutrition!


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