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New diets review with The Jar - Healthy Vending

After two weeks of silence or better say very loud birthday celebrations and plus two kilos of weight The Jar Healthy Vending team is back with more than relevant topic for the table - new diets review. At the end of the day spring is coming next week which means summer body race is on a low start. These two newcomers to our blog might become your next inspiration for getting that bikini shape.

The Volumetrics Diet

Have you ever dreamed of eating lots of food and losing weight? Just in case: McDonalds does not equal lots of food😏. You choice this spring can be The Volumetrics Diet which is all about eating more and gaining less.

What’s the trick?

The Volumetric Diet truly promotes eating more, however, it does not mean eating more meals you are used to have. This nutrition plan is based on consuming more low energy foods and nearly cutting down on meals with high energy density. All the ingredients are divided into four categories from very low to high density with watermelon being one of the lowest and butter being one of the highest.

In simple words: eating more water based foods and less carbs/fats based foods. The main idea behind is to eliminate hunger from eating small portions and instead play psychological trick with our stomach by consuming big volumes of least energy density products.

The Jar Healthy Vending snacks and drinks for The Volumetrics Diet:

The Carnivore Diet

From 0 to 100 or how vegan buzz is smashed by fastly growing ‘all about meat’ The Carnivore Diet. Dream for those who like steaks for breakfast and nightmare for pasta lovers. This new diet alternative is very restrictive and challenging but might be an option for flesh lovers.

What’s the trick?

The Carnivore Diet contains animal products only which stands for meat, fish, eggs and dairy. No plants or carbs like rice allowed. At the extreme stage this diet contains only two main ingredients: water and meat.

Some might consider it a fad diet for weight loss: no carbs = fast weight loss, however, it might be very beneficial for some. This diet is recommended of those who wish to stop their sugar cravings or have been struggling to lose weight with other diets. Definitely not a long term nutrition plan but can bring great benefits in moderation.

The Carnivore Diet is also often called a next step Keto diet due to the same principle of carbs elimination. Personal recommendation in case you want to try this diet is to really start from slowly minimising sugars instead of going all in straight away. Our Keto personal journey is always available in one of our blog posts.

The Jar Healthy Vending snacks and drinks for The Carnivore Diet:

Share with us which of these diets sound more working for you and which one you would be ready to try this spring.

Stay healthy and mindful of your body!💕

The Jar - Healthy Vending Team

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