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Healthy hobbies with The Jar - Healthy Vending team

Think of what makes people loyal to the business.

At The Jar - Healthy Vending we believe that loyalty comes from sharing the same values and beliefs. We can definitely be telling you limitless descriptions of who we are and how we do business. However, we also think that actions speak much louder than even the most beautiful words.

Taking it from here we have decided to share more personal experiences of our team members. We’d love you to get more into who we are, so you get why working with The Jar is not only about healthy snacks but also about healthy loyal partnerships. We have shared some unexpected facts and now let’s talk about our team’s hobbies to show you how crazy, sorry, healthy we are.

Gardening with Iurii

We did give you a hint about our CEO’s side business and love for pods. Iurii is not a secret but an admirer of flowers and plants. In our office and in his backyard you can see a large number of pods where he grows literally everything. Everything legal:)


  • Sunflowers, lilies and hyacinths on his terrace


  • Mini peppers and cherry tomatoes which can a feed a whole team

Fruits and berries?

  • Few avocados and wild strawberries around in the office


  • One large pod with mint, cilantro and parsley in his kitchen

Maybe that is why apart from “salad” we call him “sun”. Any seed he drops into the soil grows so fast! Maybe one day you will see some of our own produced treats in London based healthy vending machines, who knows😏

Sustainable CEO = sustainable team = sustainable business is Iurii’s main idea.

Helping others with Adel

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Adel is a true giver from all of us. Her free time she prefers to spend on charitable activities, from not canceling Adobe subscriptions (sorry still laughing on this) to truly traveling around the world and helping those in need.

Once she even left us for her summer adventure in Cambodia where she was voluntarily teaching English primary school kids in one of the villages. She loved it so much that after a month there we had to beg her to come back.

PS: If you have some pretty cats that need home, she is also the one to call🐱!

Practicing mindfulness with Sofia

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

If you can call someone crazy in the team, that would probably be me. But good crazy! Since last year I’ve really gotten into different types of yoga and all sorts of mindful practices. My main idea when I started was learning how to stay friends with both my mind and body.

One year later you can see me singing mantras and participating in the Kundalini marathon.

Sharing is caring we say. Well, after my everyday’s yoga coffee talks, probably even Iruii has already become an expert of chakras, asanas and pranayamas. His favourite mindful saying he has recently learned from me is “I stay in my own stream and it brings me to where I belong”.

It was today that I wanted to create our blog post about mantras for good digestion but that’s a bit too far. For now;)

We wish you to also find your healthy hobbie and, please, feel welcome to share if you already have one.

Namaste from the Jar Team🙏

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