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The advantages of having a healthy vending machine for your workplace or venue

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

If you have an office or venue then you need to speak to us at The Jar and find out how to hire healthy vending machine UK. Vending machines are highly popular in public places as they provide yummy snacks and drinks quickly and conveniently when hunger strikes or you are just looking for a quick treat. Vending machines sell billions of chocolate bars, packets of crisps and fizzy drinks every year, to the detriment of public health. When we consume these foods it may feel nice at the time, however, a couple of hours later either you will be hungry again or you will begin to feel sluggish and lazy. Over time these snacks and drinks cause an array of health issues. Obesity is already a major problem here in the UK, unhealthy snacks and drinks also cause varying degrees of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal issues, diabetes and other life-threatening disorders. If you have a traditional vending machine in your workplace or public space then you need to replace it and look to hire healthy vending machine UK instead.

Healthy vending machines to replace traditional vending machines

With our emphasis on good nutrition we are pleased to present the future of healthy vending machines. All our vending machines are modern, attractive, highly convenient and full of delicious treats, meal options and healthy drinks to replace the chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks of traditional vending machines. We have three different vending machines if you would like to hire healthy vending machine UK. We can offer you the MK1 which is our original healthy vending machine, MK2 which is a more compact version of the original vending machine and MK3 which is a combination of the first two machines. Our friendly and professional team will be able to advise which of our vending machines are most suitable for your venue and you’ll be able to choose according to your personal preference too. We provide free maintenance and delivery and we will restock your new vending machine using our remote monitoring system.

Our modern healthy vending machines have a full colour touch screen display which allows you to see the products that are available to purchase and find out about the nutritional information and allergy advice of each product. Our machines also let you filter the products according to your dietary needs and offer contactless payment which is convenient for all. We can put together a list of products for you or you can choose the products yourself.

We provide a wide range of fruit juices, flavoured water, smoothies and healthy energy drinks. We have a fantastic range of breakfast options such as porridge, cereal and muesli. We deliver delicious and healthy snacks, treats and sweets. We offer soups, broths, noodles and a wide variety of healthy snack pots. Finally we offer meal options and a range of delicious desserts. Speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Vending or visit our website to have a look at our list of products and find out more about healthy vending machines for your venue or public place.

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