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Healthy Vending Machine Hire UK

A Healthy Snacking Revolution

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly health-conscious and better educated than ever before as to the benefits of eating a well balanced and nutritionally sound diet. From green breakfast smoothies to protein-packed lunches, we all demand and expect our nutritional needs to be met, wherever we might be located. 

It’s not always possible though to plan ahead and prepare healthy snacks to take to the office. You never know when hunger may strike, especially when you’re out and about. If you didn’t have the foresight to pack a protein bar or a packet of sweet potato vegetable crisps, you might find yourself making unhealthy snacking decisions. It’s an undeniable fact that the vending machine still provides what can be a quick, efficient and convenient way to grab a snack when you’re on the go. 

Currently, there are a staggering 462,700 vending machines in the UK alone serving up more than a billion individual items a year. Those are staggering statistics and when you consider that many of the traditional style vending machines are still loaded with un-beneficial food sources, heavy on the sugar and low on essential vitamins and minerals, you soon begin to see the opportunity to provide a healthy, high quality and reasonably priced alternative. Today’s consumer and palate is far more discerning and we believe the time is most definitely here to pick up the mantle of making healthy snacking a  reality for the masses. 

Whether you have clients or employees, their well being should be of paramount importance. We believe that being able to offer them alternative healthier yet still convenient options is an important responsibility as well as a privilege. Healthier people are happier people and happier people make the world a more productive and better place to live. It’s about so much more than just providing “on the go” nutrition. It’s about being part of a strategic movement that’s gaining global momentum and is supporting the well being of generations to come.

We’ve already established that as an organisation with clients and employees, you could argue that you have a moral obligation to try and help them maintain good health by promoting and encouraging their well-being. One of the very best ways you can do this is to provide them with convenient access to quality nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. 

The corporate wellness industry is worth some £471 million in the UK and while you might not have the budget set aside to provide all your employees with access to free yoga and meditation, a healthy vending machine can provide you with a quicker and more efficient means to implement a progressive well-being program than you ever thought imaginable. 

Let’s just consider what’s involved for a minute.

Quick and easy setup and implementation:

  •  You can be up and running with your new healthy vending machine in hours

  •  There’s no requirement to hire any additional employees to install or maintain your unit

  •  There’s no cost of construction, all you need is an allocated space and access to a socket


Hiring options are designed to be economical and flexible to suit your needs:    

  • No upfront fixed expenses to be paid

  • Minimal operational costs

  • No long term contractual commitment necessary

Access to a wide range of tasty, innovative and nutritious snacks and drinks

  • Support your local community and buy locally sourced drinks and snacks

  • Products delivered chilled, stored and dispensed at optimal serving conditions

  • Ability to tailor your vending machine inventory according to clientele and location

How Do You Go About Hiring Healthy Vending Machine in UK

At The Jar Healthy Vending Machines, we make it easy for you to hire one of our machines, installing, delivering, maintaining and supporting you every step of the way. 

Simply get in touch with your local vending machine providers and together decide which of our available machines is best suited to your location. After that, review our extensive range of delicious and nutritious snacks to determine which ones to handpick for your site. 

After that, it’s as simple as agreeing on a delivery date with our team and leaving us to prepare your personalised and fully stocked healthy vending machine. We’ll require access to your building on the day of installation but our qualified and professional team will be in and out in next to no time.

All that’s left after that is to take advantage of all the tantalising treats and delicious tasty snacks your bespoke vending machine has on offer. 

We take care of absolutely everything else. Monitoring and replenishing inventory and ensuring your vending machine expertly maintained. You could call it vending reinvented. It’s certainly the smart way to snack.

Here’s Just Some Of The Key Benefits Of Healthy Vending Machine Hire

There are a myriad of reasons as to why you should hire a healthy vending machine. Requiring minimal floor space and little more commitment from the venue than the use of an electrical socket, you could be making a positive impact on the current UK obesity epidemic. These are just some of the positive benefits you can expect from hiring your own healthy vending machine.

  • Improve employee and customer health, morale and satisfaction

  • Save time and money spent on food shopping.

  • Better manage people congestion at your location during lunch. 

  • Hustle-free option to add diversified food choices at your venue. 

  • Establish a healthier and more sustainable Brand image.

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