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Keto Diet: The Jar - Healthy Vending experience

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Food trends come and go but this one has been around for some time. Yes, we are talking about Keto diet. Feels like everyone is talking about it. The Jar- Healthy Vending team couldn't resist the hype and decided to try it out ourselves. First of all, let’s make it clear for everyone what Keto diet stands for.

Imagine the sources of power in our body. It is well known that one of the main sources of energy are carbs. As told carbs bring us happiness and power by increasing our serotonin level responsible for the feeling of well-being in our brain. Instead, Keto specialists see carbs as only the short and not efficient energy pill for us. On Keto, diet energy is being generated by the process of ketosis where we burn fats in place of crabs for a fuel. And as predictable, Keto diet means low-carb and high-fats.

As we are now in place and clear on what we are talking about let's continue with our own Keto experience. Started as the experiment we tried to follow the diet as hard as we can which would mean: no pasta, no pizza, no sweets, no fancy cocktails in the bars and no chips. This list of contraindication scared some of our team members completely as they were dropping our experiment. But the bravest adventures decided to resist the crunchy sound of crisps and favourite bubbly drinks. Overall most of us managed to keep up with the diet for 1 month with some still following it by bits.

Week 1:

We learned that rice is also carbs! We tried to go all in and to go really low on eating greens 24h a day and cheese. But the cheese part was the nicest one as you can eat it as much as you wish. And again: no pizza. By the end of the week starting to feel tired and maybe a bit dizzy, nonetheless, we are continuing. One of us already lost a kilo. Energising and nourishing green juices from The Jar Healthy Vending were definitely a huge help!

Week 2:

We had a fight. Fight about the cheese: gorgonzola vs mozzarella? Gorgonzola won the prize. Still, have our heads spinning around from time to time. The first colleague out of 5 gave up. We now see him eating pasta but we keep on going, we believe in us. Fresh berries from The Jar Healthy Vending menu were definitely a saviour! The end of this week is much easier, we increased our carbs and started to eat some of the red rice.

Week 3:

New week - new life but still on Keto. Got used to “no granola” mornings. Learned how to substitute pasta in lasagne with eggplant or zucchini. New favourite snack became Natural beef jerky by Ember Snacks and as for the drink – celery juice. Feeling light no matter how much we eat. Girls lost another kilo each. Guys continuously eating steaks, so no change for them.

Week 4:

Diet does not seem hard anymore. We managed to change our eating habits and don’t cry anymore when somebody else eats pasta in front of us. Probably, got ready to give a workshop on all kinds of cheeses. Dizziness disappeared completely and the body feels great. Girls are happy to be prepared for summer. But we are stopping the experiment as holidays are way too close and parties are waiting for The Jar Healthy Vending team!

Overall, a great experiment to understand your body and your limits better. For sure can be recommended as the way to prepare for the summer. However, we highly do not recommend doing this experiment during the exam or the end of the quarter. It still brings stress to both our mind and body. In the periods of intense brain work, it can be really damaging for you to do a quick switch. Also, try to cut on carbs slowly and not as we did all at once. That would help to reduce the dizziness during the first weeks of the diet.

One thing is for sure, The Jar - Healthy Vending menu range suits and complements each trendy diet out there, including Keto! Let us know if you decide to try it out!

Talk soon!

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