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Tame Your Habits With The Jar [podcast pilot]

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

While our podcast is slowly but steadily brewing, get ready for the new format of The Jar Blog with fast and easy to digest bits of the most interesting news and trends of the healthy world! Today, we present you yet another article with the hands-on advice on how to keep your healthy habits in check with the help of technology and The Jar Healthy Vending, of course.

Small habits rule your day and your daily routine rules your life. When you keep those small reminders at call - your time, nutrition, and wellbeing are automatically optimised. It's seriously surprising how smooth your day is when you use the power of habit.

Just one little something - it can be tremendously hard to make this first step to actually systematically start waking up a bit earlier, walk at least 10,000 steps per day or do an occasional intermittent fast.

The Jar Healthy Vending team has a batch of hacks for you. Just use technology! All the potential of habit-management in your smartphone is actually free and ready to make an impact on your daily progress. Here's our preview of a few go-to apps which support you daily and improve healthy productivity:

We are into experiments and we should say - intermittent fasting is one of most successful ones so far. Check out how we got ready for summer by starving and still saving that human statement.

My personal pick for tracking fasts is the free app called Zero. It gives you a choice of 13, 16, 18+ hours fast, while visually showing the physiology of fasting and the stage of the fasting zone you are currently at. My longest one so far was fat-burning 36 hours. Was it a challenge? Only if you think about it long enough. To boost your motivation, the app also provides a lot of valuable supporting advice on how to stay sane and enjoy the process.

One of the key elements of a healthy fast is proper hydration. You are actually required to drink a lot during the whole thing. Here's a hack from Eat Jar - try our range of minerals- and vitamins- infused waters, such as Aqua Esse Calm Energy, to keep your productivity levels high, even while fasting.

Feeling depressed? Research shows that 10,000 steps per day make people much happier and alleviate those symptoms of blues and dumps. Even if you regularly attend the gym, it’s much more effective and resultative to maintain constant level of activity throughout the day.

Smart watches sure help to track your hyper and sloth types of moods. If you want to take it one level up and join the biohacker's gang, go for the popular Oura ring. However, if you prefer simplicity there are free and super-accessible apps - Health if you have an iPhone or just any other simple step meters.

Get a healthy treat from The Jar snack selection, for example a pre-workout PRESS pineapple and goji guilt-free energy bar, and favour a little walk to the cab ride.

How lucky are you if you haven't counted calories before! We all know this type of stress, when you are trying to estimate whether the daily calorie norm is already exceeded or there is still a chance to fit in that energy bar.

But aren't we busy enough being happy and productive to clutter our thoughts with unnecessary worries? The Jar Healthy Vending machines display nutritional value of our products on the smart touch screen so you can always plan your meal ahead without worrying about how balanced your lunch is.

However, if you want to start following the calorie count all along, it’s quite effective to use an app, for example my latest try is Cronometer. After a while you’ll learn the metrics of common products and will confidently plan your meals ahead.

The full list of other apps used by our The Jar team, a brief talk about The Power of Habit book and your daily dose of healthy digest will all be in our next podcast!

Stay informed with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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