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Blue Monday with The Jar

Today, the third Monday of January is known as Blue Monday in the UK - the most depressing day of the year. Whatever the reason for such a title - gloomy weather, post-holiday syndrome or the third lockdown - we think it's only fair to do something about it.

The Jar Healthy Vending wants to turn it - you got it - green!

Because colours do matter. In fact, our brain responds to different colours by stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands, which help to regulate hormones like serotonin, responsible for the feeling of happiness.

Research has shown that different colours also affect blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rates as well as brain activity and sleep/wake cycles.

Which is why we suggest to explore The Jar’s rainbow of colours and use it to your advantage even in this “most depressing” day of January. Pick the colour of your Monday!

Orange and Yellow for Optimism

Sunshine gives an instant boost of happiness and Vitamin D. It is indeed no wonder that orange and yellow are the colours associated with wellbeing, optimism and hope.

Beta-carotene is what produces an orange hue, while yellow is the derivative of zeaxanthin. These antioxidants, in combination with the vitamins A and C are known to be the boosters of immune system and skin radiance.

Yellow Inspiration

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Green for Energy

Of course, the green is surely the colour of healthy lifestyle. First associations which come to mind - salad. No healthy meal can be served without a pinch of greens of some kind.

Carotenoids like lutein, phytochemicals, flavonols are what give fruits and veggies their rich shade of green. These compounds positively affect the whole body from brain and heart health to eye and skin health.

Green Inspiration

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Blue and Purple for Relaxation

Despite blue being associated with Monday blues, it is actually the colour which aids calmness and relaxation. However, when talking about food - there are not many edible things which are naturally blue or purple in colour.

Anthocyanins in foods produce the vivid blue and purple colours. These antioxidants support healthy aging and heart health. And in our healthy and all natural variations they taste delicious too.

Purple and Blue Inspiration

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Red for Energy

Probably, the most stimulating colour. And research shows, that foods that are red are also found to stimulate appetite. Historically, the association between the colour red and food comes from the experience of tasting sweetness in fruits, which tend to turn red when they are fully ripe.

Both flavonoids such as anthocyanins and carotenoids like lycopene give the red hue. These antioxidants help to protect and defend the body against daily damage from free radicals to slow the aging process and help prevent disease.

Red Inspiration

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Stay bright with The Jar Heathy Vending!

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