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3 tips to make 2021 your healthiest year from The Jar - Healthy Vending

A New Year, New Me kind of month is on and rolling. Do you find yourself already struggling with the endless list of resolutions you promised to yourself? And don’t worry, we are here to support and not to judge;) To help you with staying on track of your newborn healthy habits The Jar - Healthy Vending team has prepared 3 tips to make 2021 your healthiest year.

Start your healthy food journal

Let me guess that one of the first resolutions in your list might have been eating more nutritious foods or switching to a different diet. Whichever formula you wrote one action that definitely can help is starting to write your healthy food journal. To make it effective and encouraging instead of writing simply your meal plan sprinkle it with some soul!

Keep there more than just a bunch of healthy ingredients you consume daily and write how you feel throughout the way. Go creative, buy some stickers or draw emojis that stand for your energy levels and mood when you wake up, when you go for lunch and just before bed. Add a gratitude note to yourself for keeping your promises to yourself for an extra boost of motivation.

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Remember that having some naughty cravings is normal and do not punish yourself for getting off your food schedule. It can even bring you some good to see the difference between how you feel when following the healthy diet versus when keeping old habits in place.

And just in case you need some inspo for nutritious meals, our healthy vending machines in London are set and ready to provide you with the tastiest lunch options at the click of the button.

Create your sleeping schedule

For some reason many of us tend to think that routine is killing all the fun bits. The truth is building a routine you like is the main key to being consistent in your habits. Working on creating your way of doing things starts from the bottom - your sleep.

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Our tip number two to support your new healthy lifestyle is creating your very own sleeping schedule. When you have a set awake and sleeping time, your life gets more structured. Doing some morning sports or yoga on the weekend becomes easier simply by the fact you won’t sleep till noon anymore:D

Forgive yourself

For everything! Be it for not sticking to your meal plan or skipping one workout, just keep going instead of clinging to self-destruction. It is a skill that should be called a healthy habit itself. Taking off the fear of failure helps to stay on the way.

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Simply stop judging yourself if you have not been as good today as you thought you should. Your life is not the destination, it is a process you, so, first of all, you should enjoy. By forgiving yourself you start learning how not to break halfway and instead going forward learning from your mistakes.

We wish you all the power to keep up with your New Years resolutions and always ready to support you with our blogs on healthy snacks, meals, beverages and lifestyle!

Lots of love <3

The Jar - Healthy Vending Team

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Unknown member
Jan 29, 2021

Maintain our diet and exercise take necessary vitamins and supplements be healthy and energetic.

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