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Healthy vending machines to promote healthy eating 🥑

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Healthy eating and nutritious food help promote better overall wellbeing, greater energy levels, improved concentration and better performance, they also prevent health issues in the future. Despite the promotion of healthy eating in the media and by the government, we may all be tempted by chocolate bars and packets of crisps when they are put in front of us. In our busy hectic lives it is very easy to skip a meal and opt for a quick snack instead. The choice of snack that we reach for in these instances is very important, because if it becomes a regular habit it will affect our daily nutritional intake and overall health. This is why it is vital to make good nutritional choices so here at The Jar Healthy Vending, we have developed healthy vending machines which are filled with delicious, nutritious and affordable snacks, invigorating healthy drinks and wonderful main meals, that are not only very good for your body, but also convenient and tasty at the same time.

Many people associate healthy eating with being expensive and tasteless, but our wide variety of options prove otherwise. Here at The Jar we want to promote healthy eating therefore we make sure that all our products are taste tested and come from suppliers that we personally deal with, so that you can offer your consumers excellent alternatives to tempting chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. If you would like to hire healthy vending machine UK then you can be sure that there is something for everyone in our machines.

How our vending machines work

Our machines are energy efficient and we promise a low carbon footprint so our machines require less energy than your standard fridge and only need a 3-pin plug to operate. We have three types of healthy vending machines, and they are all fully managed and maintained by ourselves, so if you want to hire healthy vending machine UK you can focus your time and efforts on your own work whilst we take care of the vending machine on your behalf. The different machines are the Mk 1, Mk 2 and Mk3. Mk 1 is our original vending machine, which we monitor remotely checking for stock levels, prices, expiry dates, temperature and functioning of the machine.

Find out more about how to hire healthy vending machine UK. Our vending machines have high-resolution touch screens which display all the items that are available including their ingredients and nutritional information. You can filter the product list according to your dietary requirements and allergies so you know exactly what you are eating and our machines accept Google pay, Android pay and contactless payments to add to the convenience. Mk 2 is a more compact version of Mk 1 with a larger high-resolution touch screen, whilst Mk 3 has the benefits of both of the other machines and can be manufactured according to the colour of your choice to fit in better with your surroundings. Speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending and find out more about how to hire healthy vending machine UK for your workplace and the advantages it can have for you and your employees.

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