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Healthy vending machine options?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We at The Jar are happy to provide solutions to anyone wanting to hire healthy vending machine UK. Whether it is an addition to a pre-existing canteen, workplace communal area, waiting room, school or simply an addition to a rapid turnover local convenience store - we have a pandemic resistant solution for you.

One of the great strengths of vending machines has always been their 24-hour convenience; not having opening hours and having their money boxes emptied on a weekly basis, they have managed to mix the potential of 24-hour service with low overheads and a healthy range of products. Unfortunately, the public image of the vending machine has been one of high salt, sugar and fat laden snacks.

At The Jar, we are working tirelessly to alter this tired image and show that vending machines are more than happy to be filled with healthy organic and well-balanced products. In addition to this, the use of cashless payment systems means the emptying of cash boxes can occur less often. Using smart sensors and artificial intelligence to detect low stocks allows us to schedule the restocking of machines when needed, not as part of a fixed routine. This would not have been possible with older models due to a risk of theft associated with an overstocked cash box. This reduction in operating costs allows us to make a greater return for our clients and operators.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

We not only have a for hire healthy vending machine UK suitable for different applications, but also no maintenance and responsibility packages allow you to select between an ‘instal and forget contract’ all the way to a very hands-on rental agreement, depending on your needs and the purpose of your vending.

Our machines emphasise transparency (literally and metaphorically) permitting customer responsibility, by allowing potential buyers to view the ingredients and nutritional content of all the products the machine offers. This is an important function for health conscious consumers over the traditional uses of vending machines, which often portrayed less interest in the nutritional content of the products.

Growth of health-conscious snacking

There is a general trend in the growth of health conscious diets, which could involve grazing throughout the day on very small quantities of food, or specialist diets focusing on particular food groups and the time in which those foods are consumed, like the ‘keto diet’ and these have become major trends among UK consumers. At The Jar, we are excited to extend that trend into the automated food vending market, facilitating the sale of some of the most popular snack foods like granola bars, high protein beverages and organic popcorn. Not to mention the growth of non carbonated canned fruit juices, which share our ethos of well-balanced and high nutrition rich foods, whilst having a far longer shelf life and therefore being more suitable to vending than the standard chilled cartoned fruit juice.

What are the benefits of a for hire healthy vending machine UK? Its modern, sleek design, friendly and approachable yet professional appearance is a way to spruce up any lobby, but its potential in improving employee productivity through showing an engagement of management with the health and well-being of staff is one of the main goals of our machines.

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