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Global Healthy Food Secrets

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

While travelling is still on hold for some of us, we suppose it’s only fair to continue the sequence of around the world virtual explorations. Last week’s little trends report got us thinking, if superfoods are so international and really not new (some have been cultivated for thousands of years to become trendy in 2020) then maybe there are more unconventional health secrets hidden in different cultures?

Our multicultural The Jar Healthy Vending team delved into the topic, discussed, and decided that some of the traditional remedies from different parts of the world are highly under appreciated. And should definitely find their way sometime soon to the The Jar Healthy Vending healthy menu.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

The Kuna tribe cocoa heaven of the San Blas Islands in Panama, probably the inspiration behind the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, isn’t actually as unhealthy as it sounds. Right on the contrary.

WHAT: Drink made of unprocessed ground cocoa beans and bananas as a sweetener - authentic recipe.

WHY: The Kuna tribe drink five or more cups of cocoa per day, and scientists believe this could be the secret to their longevity. Pure cocoa which, if consumed every day, can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes by 10 percent. Flavonoids, the powerful antioxidants in cocoa, make cocoa an elixir of cardiovascular health.

HOW: It seems like such drink isn't a go-to healthy sensation yet, but The Jar Healthy Vending menu offers a sensationally delicious and healthy variation with raw cocoa - PRESS Cacao and Matcha Snack.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

WHAT: Onions and garlic. Eat them daily, preferably raw - could sound like the weirdest dietary suggestion, but it’s the most traditional side snack on the dinner table.

WHY: Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Its primary function is to protect against viruses and colds, since it has an abundance of healthy oils, amino acids and allicin - an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi.

Hold on, that’s not all - regular garlic contains a lot of ingredients that prevent brain aging and it also makes the heart and muscles work more efficiently. If you exercise, then eating this plant will improve your results. On top of that - ajoen in garlic, as a result of complex chemical reactions, activates special enzymes in the blood and destroys fat deposits. It is possible that anti-obesity drugs will soon be made from regular garlic.

And one more surprising fact - recent studies proved that garlic makes men more attractive to women. According to the latest data - to please a woman, you need to eat a couple of cloves of garlic 12 hours before your date. The most unexpectedly romantic superfood!

HOW: Raw is good but cooked is delicious - facts. Try our nourishing PRESS Kale & Norwegian Kelp Soup with Black garlic. This super-green, low-fat soup with silken tofu, kale, spinach, broccoli and black garlic is bursting with goodness and flavour and makes your more attractive to colleagues!

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

WHAT: Using water of different temperatures to improve health and wellbeing. Cold and warm alternating showers, flash showers or baths where the temperature gradually increases - all of that is what German call - the Kneipp treatment.

WHY: Thermal shock and different water pressure on the body stimulate blood flow and the metabolic system, while strengthening the immune system. The essence of the method is to activate the functions of all organs and improve metabolism under the influence of water procedures. Kneipp therapy is believed to be treating heart and circulation disorders, digestive problems, inflammation, fever and pain.

HOW: Turn your morning shower into a healthy habit by using cold water to stimulate your body system. But remember that all cold treatments – like flash showers in the morning – must be very short and concentrated on the areas of the body that are already hot.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

WHAT: Turmeric - the most nutritious spice that’s been used in India for thousand of years. We have a whole The Jar Ingredient Digest series dedicated just to that root!

WHY: Research shows that turmeric contains numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe that's why the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s are found in northern India.

HOW: Spice up your salad or smoothie with an additional spoon of turmeric. Or simply get a morning PRESS Turmeric shot or Sweet Potato and Turmeric Soup for lunch from The Jar Healthy Vending machines.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

WHAT: Hara hachi bu is a Japanese cultural practice that involves eating until you feel 80 percent full. This is achieved by chewing the food 20 times before swallowing so that the first signs of fullness will be easy to recognise.

WHY: When stomach is 80 percent full, it has some extra space, which makes the digestion process quicker and more efficient. This results in lower chances of health problems, gastrointestinal issues and metabolic disorders. Besides, it helps to maintain a healthy body weight and waistline.

HOW: Eat slowly, focus on food and use smaller plates. It’s all about how you eat. We rarely think about the speed at which we consume our daily meals. And apparently - it matters.

Enjoy your week ahead with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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