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What is the milk trendsetter of 2022?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Here we are already in 2022. How has the year started for you? Surprisingly, this year none of the Jar Healthy Vending team members hasn’t set any resolutions. Let’s see in some time if that is for the better or for worse. Nonetheless, one thing we can promise is to bring you even more digests, trends and healthy lifestyle articles 😏

As a new food trends review for this year we have decided to look at the topic most of us can relate to as we all struggle to find that best milk alternative on the market. There were times when all we had was soy, coconut and almond milk. Later oat and cashew join the game but what comes next? What are the most promising plant-based milks for 2022?

That was a hard one to do the research for. Everything on the internet still goes back to those basic alternatives. However, we did manage to find some food for thought for you on that topic. Here we are with our top 4 milk alternatives:

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Hemp Milk

Something that you should have been expecting for long with all the popular hemp and CBD based products. Hemp milk is made of hemp seeds that are soaked and ground in water. Mainly used with additional sugar or salts as the original taste is quite earthy and nutty. As a plus it contains less calories than cow’s milk. It is known to be one of the only plant-based milk that has a complete protein meaning that there are all amino acids that our body needs.It is also free of soy, gluten and lactose making it a great option for those who need to avoid such ingredients. On the other side it lacks other elements such as calcium.

Overall, another good alternative but the taste is rather for enthusiasts.

healthy vending in London, UK

Flax Milk or Flax Seeds Milk

Another milk we found to be growing flax milk. Flax seeds are a well known superfood on the Jar’s kitchen. Even grandparents have already gotten used to putting them in salads for the better nutrition value of the dish.

Flax milk has a really slimy texture and does taste bitter than many other plant-based milk. The most familiar similar taste to it would be almond milk. Despite controversies in taste this vegan milk is rich in omega-3 acids and can be your great daily source of other vitamins A, D and B12.

healthy vending in London, UK

Pea Milk

Coming to more and more promising alternatives. First of all, forget how regular plant based milk is made. Pea milk starts from making flour from yellow peas. It is then processed in order to separate protein from fibre and starch. After all that is done protein is getting mixed with water, sunflower oil and additional nutritional elements.

More calcium than in dairy milk and about 10g protein per serving if you take Ripple pea milk. Of course it is all free of gluten, nuts, lactose and soy. And per taste… Don’t be afraid that you will be having coffee with peas as it actually tastes more like almond milk but creamier.

healthy vending in London, UK

Potato Milk

And the winner is… or better said milk alternative trendsetter for 2022 is potato milk. Potato what? Yes, there will be potato milk in 2022 and you have to accept it. And maybe even enjoy it?! What do they say about potato milk? Fat free, gluten free, cholesterol free - all free but potatoes 😁 They also say that potato milk is as high in calcium as cow’s milk and has more minerals and vitamins than any other vegan milk.

Why now in 2022? Firstly, the process was only discovered in 2017 and now we can finally see it getting adopted by milk alternative giants. For the coffee lovers potato milk will be the next big thing. Rumour has it that it will be the best alternative for a soft and solid foam like you can do with dairy milk. Taste is not excessive and really complements coffee as well.

So which one are you ready to try in 2022? We personally can’t wait to get our hands on some bottle of potato milk.

Stay healthy and vegan 🌱

Your Jar team

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