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Spice up your Autumn or new superfoods to watch out for!

At the Jar - Healthy Vending we are constantly in search of new vitamin boosters and the next top superfoods which are just about to boom. This time we have thought to share some new superfoods that have been on the market for a while but somehow have not yet caught the right consumer attention. To make it even more relevant we have selected three spices which can help you to keep up with Autumn changing weather. Let’s straight deep dive into this list.

Holy what? - Holy basil!

How could that one already not be on the front shelves of superfoods with such a name? Holy basil is also known as Tulsi leaves have been used for centuries to cure different types of diseases. Widely used in Indian cuisine it somehow did not yet manage to integrate into the western dynamics.

Key benefits:

Holy basil is packed with a number of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, fibres, iron, and Vitamin D. It is a great immunity booster especially for the never-ending cold season which is coming up now. Regulating blood sugar and digestion plus relieving stress stand along with its main beneficial anti-microbial properties.

It’s a natural fighter against cold symptoms if taken on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Holy basil products that we might see coming:

Found from the research this spice is better taken in the morning, so we might assume the best product with Holy basil should be some kind of superfood shot or smoothie. Let’s see if the market takes this trend on.


How long did it take you to remember ‘spirulina’ – you can x10 for this spice. Maybe that is the reason is not yet popular – took me 3 times to spell correctly a-s-a-f-o-e-t-i-d-a. Hard to pronounce the name but endless pros for taking this Ayurvedic spice.

Key benefits:

Reduces stomach problems and bloating – a great option for those who like to exaggerate with Pumpkin Spice lattes 😉 Other benefits include reducing headaches and relieving dry cough via its anti-viral effects.

Asafoetida products that we might see coming:

More of a main dish kind of spice we could see it coming in rice and lentils lunch dishes and curry infusions.


Uhh – that one is very exciting. Reading about it we only thought of how come it has not been widely populated in all healthy products yet. At least it is already known as a superfood – so most likely this new trend will be coming very soon.

Key benefits:

Seems like whatever you need to cure – you can do so with moringa. Liver protection, stronger bones, anti-viral effects, preventing cancer, mood booster? – all ‘YES’ when it comes to the positive effects of mornings. It is also the only known plant to have all the amino acids needed for our body.

Moringa products that we might see coming:

Used in the form of the powder or leaves we can already see some ice-tea recipes online, so let’s wait till we find those from our top suppliers as well.

Do you believe these 3 spices can make it to the market and become the next ‘turmeric’? As for us – we definitely see it coming but of course, we can never guess exactly when. For now, we can only keep our eye on the products with these spices and bring it to you as soon as we see something worth sharing.

Stay healthy and spicy this Autumn 💖

The Jar Team

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