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Why Hire healthy vending machine in London and across the UK?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Responsibilities as an employer.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Providing staff with a variety of healthy food options within the workplace is a sensible practice to get into. With modern society moving faster and faster with no signs of slowing down, having quick, easy access to healthy foods could not be more important and that is why we are encouraging workforces to Hire healthy vending machine in London, UK.

By supplying one of our simple, slimline machines within the office you are taking a positive step in the right direction and reducing potential sickness days or claims on the health insurance going forward. Whilst this outcome may sound a little far-fetched, this simple change within the office provides so many positive effects that taking the leap to Hire healthy vending machine in London, UK provides the proof along the way.

The impact of the machine within the workplace.

With targets constantly needing to be met and deadlines proving more vital within the majority of work environments, having focused and happy employees is the top priority. Whilst having the local cafe or burger van nearby seems like a great asset to have with no noticeable cost to the business, and your employees seem happy with their regular visits, the consumption of these fatty foods on a daily basis long term can in turn lead to a low immune system, increase in obesity and a variety of other potential health problems.

This is where providing one of our healthy machines within the workplace can provide significantly positive effects. Having healthy, happy staff who are choosing to live on a healthy diet ensures that the work environment gains a new lease of life. Energy levels will increase within each individual member of your team and a new, focused but energised lease of life will settle over the workplace. Now we know that not everyone decides to eat healthier, but with the machine in place providing easy access to multiple healthier options the power of suggestion will soon take hold and staff are less likely to queue elsewhere for the greasy food.

Why hiring may suit you best at first.

Taking the steps to purchase a piece of machinery of any aspect within a business always takes a lot of consideration. The cost of the appliance needs to be worth the expense in the long run and results need to be seen. We cannot expect someone to stand by the machine taking note of each purchase made by members of staff, or expect staff to begin notating their food intake which is why each of our machines has the ability to provide sales reports on a regular basis. By having these reports readily available each company can monitor the effectiveness of the machines in the different locations (if multiple ones are hired) and make informed decisions on the effectiveness of the machine going forward.

Please note, whilst our machines are excellent, they cannot force people to use them but by simply being put within arms reach and having easy access creates a positive suggestion which in time wins people over.

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