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Why choose Healthy Vending Machines in London?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

During a busy workday, which in most cases is everyday, having a machine within the work place which provides quick food options without queues or unnecessary fuss is of the utmost importance. Lunch times spent queuing in a shop and reducing your freedom of a break can be completely removed and work time can be increased without necessarily intending this to be the case. Skipping the breaks altogether can lead to a severe lack of focus and negatively impact the work involved. This is something that employers are aware of and therefore the supply of vending machines within the workplace have always been a popular method of supplying food with little effort.

However, whilst in the past the food consumed may not have been given much thought. Or individuals have been faced with either skipping meals and snacks or eating what was readily available within the vending machines in the office it is obvious which option was often chosen. These quick, unhealthy foods whilst providing a short burst of energy would leave the consumer needing more food and unfortunately provide little nutrition to the body.

In recent times, with obesity and other health issues on the rise due to the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, employers and employees are turning away from the junk food and focusing on healthier options. This is where Healthy Vending Machines in London is filling a much needed gap within the market.

The benefits.

Eliminating the endless queues at the local cafe whilst providing staff with tasty, nutritional options is important. By putting the simple Healthy Vending Machines in London within the workplace you are able to guide staff to choose healthier life choices which in turn will positively impact their health and in turn ability to work effectively and efficiently.

Whilst this solution may seem far too simple, the positive impact that this simple change within the workplace can create outweighs any negative thoughts such as whether the machine will sit gathering dust. People thrive on simplicity and therefore by simply putting the healthier options in front of staff, whether a cleaner or a CEO of the company, you are creating a more positive and effective environment going forward.

The impact on the planet.

Whilst all machines impact the planet in some form or another, we pride ourselves on taking into consideration the environmental impact our utensils within the machine have. With this in mind, we ensured that the cutlery provided by the machine with meals steered away from the common plastic utensils and focused on a more environmentally friendly option. We therefore supply biodegradable wood based cutlery within our machines, ensuring that the impact of each disposable cutlery set is reduced as much as possible.

The cost.

One aspect which all businesses both big and small always take into consideration is the cost of the vending machine and whether it is beneficial to make the switch to healthier foods. Whilst the cost of each product will always be higher than a simple chocolate bar or packet of crisp, the effects on the body and each member of the team outweighs the cost of the product. Increasing positivity, overall health and productivity within the work environment outweighs the cost of the change to healthier food options and therefore it is important to take this into consideration when choosing to make the switch.

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