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The advantages of healthy vending machines

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Traditional vending machines

There are more than half a million vending machines here in the UK which are used to purchase more than 7 billion items a year. The majority of vending machines are loaded with chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks. These are detrimental to our health, but when there are no other options they are cheap, quick, convenient and tasty. Obesity is already a major issue here in the UK. Unhealthy snacks and junk food make up more than a third of our daily nutritional intake and contribute to the ongoing dilemma of adolescents and adults being overweight and suffering from obesity and other related issues. Foods high in salt, sugar and unsaturated fats also cause diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. These foods not only affect our physical wellbeing, but they also have a huge detrimental impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Being obese and overweight can cause depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, loss of self-confidence and an overall negative outlook on life.

The importance of a healthy diet

A healthy diet is key to a positive outlook and overall wellbeing. A well-balanced, healthy and nutritious diet promotes healthier, longer life and the ability to fight illnesses and diseases later on. By promoting healthy eating we will promote better health for ourselves and for our future generations. If you have a vending machine then you need to speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Vending and find out about replacing your vending machine with healthy vending machines in London. Healthy vending machines in London will provide an excellent alternative to the unhealthy snacks that are offered to the public when time is short or there are no other options available.

Modern healthy vending machines

Our healthy vending machines in London are available for hire. They come at no cost to your venue and they are fully maintained by our wonderful team. You need a square metre of space and you need a plug point and we will deliver and set up your healthy vending machine free of charge. All our machines are monitored remotely and we provide a free 24-hour technical service for you. We are in charge of stocking and restocking your vending machine, therefore, it is of no inconvenience to you. By hiring one of our vending machines for your school, college, university, office, or any other venue you will be promoting healthy eating for your students, staff, clients or the public.

Our healthy vending machines in London stock a wide variety of delicious and nutritious snacks including fresh fruit, breakfast options, sandwiches, soup, salad, other meal options and healthy fruit juices and milk drinks. You can stock food items according to your choice or you can ask us to put together an individually tailored list for you. We make sure that no food goes to waste and we stock your vending machine accordingly. Our snacks and meal options cater for different allergies and dietary choices and our machines are modern and highly attractive, easy to use and accessible for all. Speak to us and learn more about healthy vending machines for healthy eating.

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