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Snacking alternatives since 2015

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

An exasperated group of university friends who just couldn’t stand one more candy bar or one more salty packet of crisps bring to you ‘The Jar’; its name chosen deliberately to bring up images of wholesome homemade foods with our healthy vending machines in London. Providing exactly what you need to study and work hard, without giving you caffeine headaches or blood sugar spikes, which was our founding concept.

And it quickly became apparent that we were not the only students interested in healthy alternatives to the current snacks available in vending machines, not all of us had the time to go shopping at a whole food store or other alternative outlets. But more often than not, there was a healthier alternative with appropriate shelf life that could have been put in the vending machines of any university, so where were they to be found?

Five years later, you can find us all over, as we offer zero-cost vending to clients and universities, sports events, stadiums and and offices, with all of the maintenance cost and restocking handled by us, allowing you to provide a wider range of options for your customers, staff or passers-by without adding any more to your workload. We can even provide individually metered plugs, which allow us to track the energy cost of our machines and reimburse you for those costs providing a truly zero overhead solution.

Our healthy vending machines in London with their large touch displays offer cashless payment options and an emphasis on allowing customers to be able to see the ingredients and nutritional content of the products before they buy, which is unique among vending machines. By emphasising healthy options and personal responsibility, we can be an excellent addition to an office space, showing that management considers the health and well-being of staff to be an important factor whilst also improving productivity.

Our products include ranges of high protein bars and beverages, which make them well suited to a gym environment or a sports event. Stocking dried fruits and vegan, high-calorie energy products allows us to reach many sectors of the market usually ignored by vending machines.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Our machines go far beyond what you might imagine in a snack food, with an attempt to provide genuinely balanced meals that can be enjoyed throughout the day or late into the night if work requirements have tied staff up at the office.

The smart fridge software and internal sensors allow us to monitor the machines remotely and send out maintenance teams when required, only refilling the machines when low stock levels are reported. This minimises waste and allows us to tailor the restocking of the machine to the usage at your particular location. The use of innovative and smart logistics fits well with our ethos on minimising packaging in order to provide not only the healthiest, but also the most ecologically sound vending products.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

If you would like to talk more about the potential of The Jar’s healthy vending machines in London at your place of business or synergising with an upcoming event, feel free to get in contact with us via the email forms on our website.

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