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Sipping on health, strength a​nd happiness with The Jar – Healthy Vending.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The range of soft drinks we see in the shops today is just outrageously extensive. Seems like there are drinks with the taste of everything you can think of as well all the things you don’t even know exist. If before there were time when exotic tastes looked hot and sexy to people, now it is more about how it makes you feel. Every time coming to buy some nice drink from The Jar Healthy Vending I think not only how sweet or sour it is but also how I am going to feel after drinking it. That’s why today I want to share personal tips on how to get the needed vibe through choosing the right drink.

Your Very Own “Health Elixir”

Let’s go to my favorite which I like to call fancy ‘Health Elixir’ or simply DRGN drink. DRGN drink is the first turmeric infused drink on the market although you, probably, are familiar with Instagram trendy turmeric lattes served all around the town. So why is it so good and who is this Turmeric guy in it?

Turmeric is the newly declared “Superfood” by nutritionists which is responsible for making your liver work better and helping to fight inflammation at the molecular level. Ingredient is used in the form of a powder which comes from the same named root vegetable and has been used as the heeling remedy in South Asia for many centuries.

Main component of Turmeric (Curcumin) also boosts the levels of serotonin and dopamine; the two chemicals in our brain which give us immediate and lasting feeling of happiness. As the result, the drink works on both our physical health as wells as our mental health. All you need after a stressful long day at work.

Source: @drgndrink

Workout Power Bottle

Strength wise we all know that our main workout friend is protein. However, we do not talk much about amino acids that are responsible for building those blocks of proteins in our body. Lack of amino acids often causes long muscle recovery and that feeling of constant tiredness. So, if you want to keep pushing you also need to have enough of these beauties to support your muscles.

That’s is why at the Jar – Healthy Vending we store some special power bottles of Rejuvenation Water for you. Award-winning brand comes in three tastes which will make you believe in tasty post workout drinks: Apple & Mint, Ginger & Lime and Spanish Orange. With meaning hidden in the name Rejuvenation Water main component is that one Amino Acid L-Glutamine so valuable for our muscle growth.

Moreover, its other benefit can be named as the weight loss through fastening the process of metabolism and prolonging the post workout afterburn effect. Do not forget it is also vegan, low calories and no added sugar miracle. Taken before, during or after workout Rejuvenation Water can be your new friend in the pursuit of that dream summer body.

Source: @rejuvenationwater

Sip of Happiness

Continuing on the topic of amino acids there is one more drink we have chosen for you at The Jar, this time, to make you feel happy. Little can of Yusa will definitely become one of your Top 10 if you give it a try. Filled with L-theanine Yusa helps to cure those stress caused mood swings and clear your mind.

Even a better job it does by providing you with a portion of Theobromine. It’s the one you find in cocoa beans and the one that makes you feel relaxed and happy when you consume it. In addition, naturally high in caffeine this little drink will become your energy booster throughout the day.

Source: @yusadrinks

Come and try one of these bottles or even all three at The Jar Healthy Vending machines in London, UK! To choose more, check out our menu.

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