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Resolutions Boost From The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Do you need your New Years resolution boost from The Jar Healthy Vending? One month into the new yearly trial period is just the right time to reminisce on the promises we made to ourselves a few weeks ago. Are you among those who are persistent in their new diet plan and morning runs? Accept our sincere admiration, you are definitely outnumbered.

According to the research, only a few are successful in sticking up with their set of goals, inspired by festive cheer. A few is a stiff half or 40% of all those who set resolutions around January 1. Now the question is, how to turn your resolution list from the doomed end to a success story?

And what exactly makes us give up? Researchers claim that those who succeed in achieving their goals use more willpower, stimulus control, reinforcement management, positive thinking, and avoidance strategies, while those who give up on the sacred list tend to use more wishful thinking, blame themselves, and make light of the problem.

We believe, the reasons are all simple, the lack of motivation, focus and wrong attitude. When the holiday rush is over, the stress of diving back into the blue Monday waters is heavy enough to make our relaxed consciousness want to go back to the sweet comfort zone.

So now, our team has come up with a booster, that can return your focus to healthy decisions in a fun and, of course, stimulating way. We suggest taking a challenge. It’s amusing, it’s customisable and works miracles on helping with setting up new habits.

Challenges do not have to be boring, plain or lame (we definitely do not have a spoon of cinnamon in mind). They are not limited to fitness only and can target pretty much anything, including your overall everyday mood. Here are a few variations, which you can use as set templates or inspiration for your challenge to get closer to any of your New Year resolutions.

Resolution: get fit

Getting in shape, losing weight and eat better are the most common points on many lists of self-conscious people regardless of age, race or nationality. However, what we need here is clarity. Be more specific with your target goal.

Your getting fit challenge will last one month. That gives you clarity on the length of your experiment. It will include every day, repetitive actions. This gives you a push towards consistency. Say, do 100 jumps every morning, drink 2l of water per day, go to bed before 10 pm, take contrast showers every morning.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

The Jar Tip: Morning jumps are a life hack trick for those who want to wake up fresh and wired for the day. Jumping stimulates our lymphatic system and helps blood filtration and circulation immensely. It’s an easy and effective small habit that will help you get your thinking straight at the beginning of the day.

Resolution: fix your diet

One research team did a study on general behaviour of food shopping habits after January 1. Results showed that during the holiday period, the sale of healthy items increased by nearly 30%. However, the sale of less healthy items did not drop, making the overall consumptions of calories even higher and, eventually, offsetting all the good that can come out from healthy goods.

We do need clarity on what we understand by healthy diet. And here we suggest taking small steps towards the big change. Say, you can start with healthy swaps daily - substitute regular milk with almond one today and switch to whole grain bread tomorrow. Try drinking a green smoothie every morning to improve metabolism - experimented on before, works miracles.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

The Jar Tip: For the skin glow try our PRESS Greens super smoothie for breakfast, packed full of antioxidant-rich ingredients, moringa and guarana.

Resolution: improve wellbeing

There is an interesting exercise that some coaches suggest experimenting with to improve one's view of the world and wellbeing. The steps are easy, every 30 minutes straight after awakening you reflect on your current state of mind, evaluate your mood with + or - and write it down. By the end of the day if you scored more minuses than pluses, it could be an alarming sign to yourself and a call for further action.

Try doing one pleasant thing for yourself a day, such as watching a good movie, waking up the sunrise. Track changes with this good mood challenge. Here's our one week long example, which you can add up with what gives you joy the most.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Stay motivated!

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