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Healthy vending machines in London: take a step into the future

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We all know what a vending machine normally represents: high-calorie dense foods that are burgeoning with sugar and salt. People looking through the window of opportunity are feeling ravenous and need a snack, yesterday! Seeing chocolate bars, crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks on offer will definitely give them the instant gratification they’re seeking, but it will also bring on a crash and burn soon after.

At The Jar - Healthy Vending, we know all this; we know you do, too. That’s why we have designed healthy vending machines in London that offer snacks and drinks that are healthy, nutritious and satisfying.

What makes these healthy vending machines in London so healthy?

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or simply looking for reduced sugar and salt, we have snacks and meals to fill your machine from big names like Deliciously Ella to Perkier. All of the snacks, meals and drinks are packed full of natural ingredients that are truly wholesome food that will nourish a workforce and not compromise on flavour. Whether you’re looking for productivity from a workforce or concentration from students, our machines should bring the best out of everyone.

Examples of our goodness

It doesn’t take much guesswork to know that a leading brand of fizzy soda is not going to be as healthy as DA-SH water - sparkling water infused with a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are no additives or artificial flavourings; it’s just sparkling water and fruit!

If you’re looking for some slow-release energy in the morning, we have Deliciously Ella muesli which contains whole foods and nothing else: gluten free oats, raisins, almonds, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds.

Perhaps you’re looking for lunch? We have you covered with a range of soups, noodles, salads, dahls - the list goes on. Leave the sandwiches at home!

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


The set up costs for our various machines is absolutely nothing! We do not charge for delivery or installation, and there are no monthly fees. You might have lost a few pounds in weight, but by choosing our vending machines, they’ll be the only pounds you lose. You will need to pay your electricity bill, but it’s not like you’re launching a rocket to the moon, right?

How we choose the stock

We monitor the eating habits of the people using our machines and we carefully select the products for your machine. You won’t need to do a thing - we know you have better things to do than look through a catalogue of delicious food and drink! We will maintain the stock levels and service our machines regularly to make sure that your hungry people stay satisfied.


We have a variety of machines with contactless payment options and touch screens. We monitor their levels 24/7. We also liaise with our suppliers to make sure that the food we put in the machines is keeping to the low levels of salt and sugar we expect. We also provide full nutritional information on the machines, so you can make the choice that’s right for you and your day.

At The Jar - Healthy Vending, we know you want the best fuel for you, and your friends and colleagues. Choose our vending machines to set you all up for the day.

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