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Healthy vending machines, an investment in the future

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

With the corporate wellness sector expected to hit £471 million in value this year, it is one of the few industries which has seen strong growth through a very turbulent year. Nestled amongst that growth is a little-known chunk of the health food industry; healthy vending machines in London. You may not have considered them before, but a vending machine operates entirely without human interaction and can be restocked and maintained whilst sustaining all social distancing regulations.

Whether they find themselves on a busy public promenade or as part of the canteen services within an office building, the healthy vending machine will continue to find a wider audience over the next few years. The incorporation of healthy vending machines is more about an increase in worker productivity, a decrease in absenteeism and an effort to display a balanced approach to worker welfare within the office environment. But this is not the only place for healthy vending machines in London and with as much as a 270% return on investment, simply seeing them as an additional revenue stream as part of an already established corner shop or rapid turnover retailer is entirely viable.

The Jar is here to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Transparent snacking

The traditional vending machine was not designed with the modern requirements of customers wanting to know the nutritional and ingredient content of their daily snacks. It would be challenging to read the ingredients on the side of a Coca-Cola can when it was buried deep within its vending machine.

Our vending machines permit customer choice by disclosing all the ingredients of our snacks and making that information fully available outside the machine before you've made your decision to buy. Thus, truly returning the personal responsibility of snacking to the person buying the snacks.

While many vending machines cannot deliver produce like fresh fruits and other short shelf life products, this does not mean that healthy options cannot be provided with long shelf life. These include seeds and nuts, as well as dried fruits, fruit leathers and beverages. There is also the opportunity to take a different approach towards traditional snack foods like crisps, looking at the alternative of wheat baked snacks over potato chips or vegetable chips, with a lower glycemic index.

There is also a growing trend in the consumption of high protein beverages and high protein bars, both of which are perfectly suitable in a healthy vending machine and allow those who seek to achieve a certain dietary requirement to do so on the go or whilst in a working environment. Maintaining a bodybuilder like stature while consuming high levels of protein without disrupting the daily work schedule has got to be a bonus!

Options for maintenance, stocking, repair and machine replacement are available for all levels of involvement. If you are looking for an instal and permanent solution or a rental investment, The Jar has you covered.

If you're curious about the opportunities proposed by healthy vending machines in London, feel free to get in contact with us at The Jar either on the phone or by email, and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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