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Healthy snacks for healthy and happy employees

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Looking after the wellbeing of your employees is important for the success of your company or business. Making sure that they are eating well will promote better overall health, equate to less days taken off sick, greater energy levels, improved morale and job satisfaction leading to a boost in effective productivity. Most employees work for 8 hours a day, spending a third of their time in the office. This means that they are most likely consuming a third of their daily nutrition intake whilst at the office too. Most people like to snack on crisps and chocolates during the day, whilst sitting at their desk or on their break, and at least half of all employees do not leave the office at lunchtime, but would rather pick from what is on offer to help save time. To take advantage of this and promote healthy eating amongst your employees it is important that you provide them with a delicious and healthy option. Most workplaces have a vending machine situated in the corner of the room or in the corridors and these are usually loaded with tempting chocolates, fizzy drinks and salty or sugary snacks. These snacks do not fill you up, rather they usually leave you wanting more and can have a sluggish effect on your digestive system leaving you feeling lethargic instead.

Healthy vending machines and why you need one

Here at The Jar Healthy Vending, we provide an excellent alternative to conventional vending machines. Our healthy vending machines in London are filled with delicious nutritious snacks, invigorating drinks and yummy main meals to help promote wholesome eating and benefit the overall health of your employees. By eliminating the option of grabbing a quick chocolate bar, a packet of crisps or a can of Cola and replacing it with the option of vegetable crisps, a granola bar and a smoothie, your employee will still combat those mid afternoon cravings or sudden hunger pangs, but they will be improving their overall wellbeing at the same time. A healthy workforce is a happy and more effective workforce and this will benefit your company in the long run. Our vending machines come at no cost to you so do not wait any longer, speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending, and make an enquiry about one of our healthy vending machines in London. We have three varieties of vending machines and they are all monitored remotely by our expert team and fully maintained. We provide a 24-hour helpline and you will have a dedicated member of staff who looks after your machine at all times, whether through their computer or on their mobile phone and will be available for you around the clock.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Speak to us here at The Jar to find out more about our healthy vending machines in London and how you can benefit your workforce by swapping calorific sugary and salty snacks for healthy nutritious and delicious alternatives. Not only do we provide nourishing snacks, but we also have invigorating drinks and exciting main meals to help promote healthy eating amongst your employees. Take out your old vending machine and replace it with one of our healthy vending machines in London today.

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