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Getting Functional With The Jar

How do you make something already healthy - healthier? You fortify it!

Today, The Jar Healthy Vending team took a closer look at our menu once again to pick the top products which are just a little better than good.

Why? Because we want your lunch, post workout, run or yoga treat be even more functional than ever.

But hold on, what are we even talking about? Is it superfood boosters again? Not quite as much…

Functional foods and beverages


In fact, as awkward as it may seem, most foods are already functional because they provide protein for muscle repair, vitamins for cell function and carbs for energy.

But in the 1980s, the Japanese government created a class of "functional foods" that included additional health benefits beyond those covered by basic nutrition. So basically an upgraded version of something good enough already, which has one more additional function, besides the primary one. Welcome to the 21st century!

Functional foods are usually separated into two categories: conventional and modified. Conventional are the core of nutrition charts and textbooks - think fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seafood.

However modified or fortified foods are those, which include added vitamins and other nutrients. Think fruit juice with added Vitamin D or calcium for enhanced wellness.

We can't guarantee that all so-called functional foods bear any function besides good marketing. On top of that, there's always a risk that some such products may also contain high amounts of added sugars. This we definitely do not encourage.

What we can guarantee though, is that our The Jar Healthy Vending vault is full of truly functional stuff without any tricks. Ready with the top picks?

Turmeric is already so functional it could keep your health on top just on its own. However, to make it energising and revigorating - DRGN added an incredible amount of vitamins, electrolytes and botanical extracts to create a literal superdrink.

Also, Zero Caffeine, Zero Artificial Colourings, Zero Artificial Flavourings, Zero Artificial Sweeteners. Might be the winner.

SEAMLESS GUT HEALTH a.k.a PRESS Strawberry & Dragon Fruit Water+

What can be better than probiotics? Water with probiotics. Call it the seamless experience of improving your gut health and digestion.

This is one of the winning combinations, because probiotics and prebiotics take care of our gut brain, which in turn has a great impact on our mood and wellbeing. Do you know what we mean? If your answer is no - check this super important The Jar Essentials article on gut health and be sure to take your probiotics regularly.

VINGARDIUM VITAMINOSO a.k.a Aqua Esse Equilibrium Energetic Water

Looking for a magical way to stay in balance? While staying on a super clean diet? B12 infused pure alkaline spring water is your answer - an essential energy-yielding, refreshingly intelligent way to stay up to date with your vitamin intake.

The pink colour comes from the B12 crystals in the premium form of Hydroxycobalamin which turn the water pink - naturally. So, pure magic. And so many benefits...

It's surely not the only functional snack in The Jar menu (check out the whole Pollen and Grace assortment to get a pleasant surprise).

But this one is a top pick for those who want to keep their antioxidant levels under control. This rich sesame seed and cashew square with acai + acerola superfruits makes you full, satisfied, happy, willing to live and thrive, while also supplying a dose of very strong antioxidant.

Perfect for...anytime, really.


Might be the most 2021 combo of all - a 100% natural CBD infused drink, infused with Biotin. Never too much, we are guessing.

An elderflower and lime flavoured CBD drink is also fortified with biotin - a go-to food supplement for beauty seekers and a natural way to keep your skin, hair and nails stronger. So kind of a way to unleash your glow in an innovative and delicious way.

Stay highly functional with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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