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Love Hormones: The Jar Boost

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

It's Valentines day today, a day full of love not only for each other but for your own selves too!

Ok, but what is it exactly, making us a little happier and with butterflies in the stomach? It's the beautiful world around and, of course, the hormones.

We at The Jar Healthy Vending decided to look into the world of science and find out, which chemicals make us feel happy and in love?

Happy Hormones

Our body has a few hormones which make us feel good, boost mood and promote wellbeing.

Some help to alleviate anxiety and fight depressive symptoms while others trigger pleasure, joy, bonding, and trust.

Let's have a look at the main happiness hormones and their responsibilities in our bodies:

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Nice, but what is less known is that those hormones are actually a reflection of environment, relationships, diet, exercise regime, and even your gut microbes.

That’s right, you have the power to influence your mood by the choices you make every day!

Serotonin or the Gut Hormone

Do not be surprised that food choices affect your mood and well-being. Serotonin, which is essential for mood, digestion, sleep, is mainly produced by the gut.

A recent study found out that your gut bacteria participate in your serotonin production. These findings suggest that you may be able to support your own mental wellbeing by taking care of your gut bacteria and your diet.

A diet of fiber-rich plant foods with meat and fat in moderation is associated with more abundant bacteria, while balanced whole-food diet has also been shown to promote mental health. On the other hand, people who follow the Western diet with refined carbohydrates, fast food, and a lot of animal products tend to have less beneficial bacteria. So, when someone says: "Eat healthy", it's for a good reason.

Foods that increase serotonin

You can’t eat serotonin, but you can boost serotonin happiness with food. Firstly, you can add more prebiotic and probiotic foods to your diet that support the good bacteria who produce short-chain fatty acids.

Check out The Jar collection of serotonin boosting foods for your gut microbiome.

The Jar Vault

Check out the whole menu here.

Oxytocin, the cuddle hormone

Here we go - here's the hormone that makes us all happy in love.

Oxytocin is a hormone that promotes bonding and trust. It’s been pinpointed in human bonding, generosity, and establishing trust, while other studies show that it might be what makes some romantic relationships work.

Indeed, higher blood oxytocin levels have been linked to greater perceived love, responsiveness, and gratitude in couples.

How to increase oxytocin naturally

Even though oxytocin is not related to food, our The Jar snacks can surely help to boost it in a different way. This hormone is released when you engage in caring relationships and have a loving community around you.

If you are at the workplace or freelancing in a cafe and see The Jar Healthy Vending machines, try this:

  • try gifting a person you like a hidden complement with a snack. For example a Love Raw butter cups, saying something like "Buttercups only come together. Want to be my second butter cup?":

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  • do not forget to surprise those you care about, with each pleasant gift your relationships and wellbeing will be better! Try bringing your family member a random snack like Frubis Choco Strawberries. For example:

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  • friendship is very powerful, do not forget to boost your friendship with nice gestures. Bring your friend a reminder to glow with Meda Glow drink. You will make them smile!

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Love and be loved with The Jar!

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