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The Jar Essentials: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

“Almost nothing influences our gut bacteria as much as the food we eat. Prebiotics are the most powerful tool at our disposal if we want to support our good bacteria - that is, those that are already there and are there to stay.” - Giulia Enders.

If The Jar Healthy Vending had to choose an absolute must-read this month that would be the mind-blowing book by Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ. They say you are what you eat. Well, what it means literally is - you are what you feed the countless inhabitants of your gut.

First of all, it’s bacteria we are talking about. Every surface of our gut is covered with micro-organisms that form microbiome or the micro eco-system. It is the abode of bad, harmful pathogens and the good ones, probiotics, that keep those pathogens in check. So, when they say processed food, alcohol and cigarettes are bad for you it's because they are feeding the pathogens and disturb the healthy balance of good and bad bacteria.

If holiday regimen took you further from your New Year's resolutions such as healthy body, it's the good thing to start your post-holidays recovery with probiotic balancing. There are two ways to maintain the healthy gut situation: feed micro organisms with what they like or boost the healthy microbes directly to your gastrointestinal tract.

If you choose the first option, prebiotics they are - the specialised plant fibres, acting as fertilisers that stimulate healthy bacteria growth. They are found in many fruits and vegetables, the favourite food of our gut micro-flora. This option is perfect as a part of an everyday healthy diet for good mood inside and out.

In situations when your balance of good and bad bacteria is shattered and your gut needs immediate help - probiotics are to the rescue. Probiotics are the actual “good” live bacteria, the natural part of the body’s environment. Like prebiotics, they can be taken through food. Probably the most common probiotic food is yoghurt, but The Jar Healthy Vending has a few more uncommon options in stock for you.

So, why are they important? Their most significant impact on the body is improved digestion and generation of certain B and K vitamins. But most significantly, there is something not everyone tells you - probiotics are the essential concept called “gut-brain” connection and they directly impact your brain behaviour, therefore mood.

Healthy bacteria in the gut optimise neurotransmitter function, leading to reduced anxiety, depression and stress, also improving memory and focus. So yes, even if you can proudly flaunt your perfectly-balanced diet, do not forget about including some prebiotic food as an ongoing part of your diet for better health and as means of prevention of flora damages.


Healthy bacteria help your digestive system work smoothly and therefore improve your mood and wellbeing. Here are our top The Jar Healthy Vending products that will help you with that.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


Fermented foods are the best source of probiotics. Kimchi contains “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli, which helps food digest better and enhances the immune system function. They say it is even better than probiotic supplements which don’t contain active bacteria.

Our Pollen and Grace Miso Kimchi Noodle Pot will not only provide you the delicious load of probiotics, but also satisfy the most peculiar cravings.


Just like yogurt, kefir, and kimchi, kombucha is loaded with beneficial bacteria. It's also been around for thousands of years, meaning - definitely a healthy gem.

Our JARR Kombucha will not only be a refreshing kick at any time of the day, but also a powerful detoxifying and energy boosting superfood.

Prebiotic rich food available at The Jar Healthy Vending:

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Stay healthy with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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