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Mental well-being challenge from the Jar

Yesterday all social media went wild about two things: a meme about being “10 out of 10” and World Mental Health day. Although we enjoy having a portion of good laughs at the Jar - Healthy vending we thought to bring another focus to our mental well-being and prepared a short 5 steps challenge which you can do in a working week.

But first the meme:

Healthy vending machines in London, UK

Now back to our challenge - with the Jar team we wanted to prepare something that all our customers enjoying our vending machines at their offices can relate to. Mental well-being challenge that can be done from anywhere.

Create your ‘happy’ playlist

We have already talked with you about the importance of affirmations in our daily life. Affirmations work with your subconscious mind and so do the words of the songs you are listening to. If you read literature about how our brain and memory work you will realise that in the back of our heads we capture everything even if we do not listen actively.

Therefore having a happy playlist can really help you to influence your thinking and mood on the level which you might not logically understand but instead just feel it.

Go for a 15 minute walk after your lunch break

Being static often overwhelms us mentally. When we sit the whole working day at the same place we might find ourselves being deep in our thoughts and not fully present. Taking even a few minutes of walking can help freshen your mind and release your stress levels.

Talk about feelings not facts

At moments when anxiety kicks in it might seem as if there is no solution to the problem that brought you the stress. Talking about feelings can be very underestimated at such times. We tend to think that all we need is to create steps to action which can help us to release the stress.

Talking about feelings can greatly release this anxiety as accepting how you feel can give a better relief than just thinking of what you can do about how you feel.

Express gratitude

Won’t you agree it’s always a pleasure to receive compliments? It surely is, however, several researches show that those who express gratitude for all the good things that happen to them are most likely to be happier and less find themselves in the depressed mood.

As a bonus point you have probably noticed that when you say ‘thank you’ you get a ‘thank you’ back.

Set the time limits for you social media apps

Not a secret that social media platforms are the cause of our generation’s depression. Never-ending race for getting things we see online is truly disrupting and affecting us. Yet we still need social media channels to keep up with everything around us.

For this challenge we do not offer to say a big ‘no’ to all the platforms but at least try to set the limits on your phone for using those apps and see for yourself if your mood increases overtime.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK

You now have 5 working days this week to try these 5 steps of our challenge. Let us know if you manage to complete all 5 and which one helped you the most.

Stay mentally healthy!

Your Jar team🌱

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