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Encouraging everyone to eat healthier with our healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Eating healthily is important if you want to keep your body and mind in good shape. However, eating healthily when you are constantly rushing around for work or school can make finding the time to eat healthy food difficult. That’s why here at The Jar we have made eating healthily on the go possible for everyone. Our healthy vending machines in London can be installed in a wide range of places, and they all contain delicious and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. Our aim is to make eating healthily on the go easier and to provide more variety to those people who frequently buy their food from a machine. We have now introduced a Smart Fridge to our range, which works in a similar way to our other machines, but has a secured door that opens upon receipt of payment. To find out more about the different machines and fridges we have on offer we recommend that you contact one of our team who will be able to answer any questions you have.

Eat healthily on the go with ease

We make healthy eating easy and delicious. Our healthy vending machines in London have a range of different meals, snacks and drinks for you to try, and all of them are nutritious. Once your machine is installed we will remotely monitor the machine’s sales to learn what the favourite products of your employees, pupils or customers are. When we restock your machine we will make sure to include plenty of these ‘in demand’ products so you do not run out. Our machines also come with a cutlery tray, so if you’re grabbing a meal you don’t need to panic about not having a knife and fork with you. The cutlery we supply is also biodegradable, as we are an environmentally friendly company and we believe in reducing wastage wherever possible. You will be able to find out handy nutritional information about the food you are purchasing by using the touchscreens. You will also be able to find out information about gluten-free and vegan products on the screen, making finding something suitable for your dietary requirements a lot easier.

Where have you seen our machines?

The great thing about our healthy vending machines in London is that they can be installed absolutely anywhere, as long as there is a plug socket nearby. Schools are replacing their old machines with our healthy ones in a bid to encourage their pupils to eat healthily and give pupils that have dietary requirements a chance to enjoy grabbing something to eat at break time with their friends.

healthy vending in London, UK

Our machines aren’t just in schools though. They are now found in gyms, public places and workplaces too. As society moves forward we are all becoming conscious about eating healthily, and our products make it possible for people to eat healthily on the go, as well as at home. If you own a business and want to instal one of our machines so your employees can benefit too, then get in touch via our website to find out more about what we can offer you.

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