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Do you need Healthy Vending Machines in London?

With concerns over obesity levels in the UK, having a healthy workforce is extremely important for staffing levels. Eating wholesome food is also an important factor in improving concentration and performance in the workplace. However, you may be concerned that you could have a riot on your hands if you take away the ‘treats’ that staff know and love when they head to the vending machines for their elevenses. At The Jar - Healthy Vending, our Healthy Vending Machines in London offer great taste and satisfaction with all the health benefits thrown in for good measure! Eating and drinking products from our vending machines will allow staff to feel full and satisfied, without peaks in their sugar levels leaving them feeling low an hour after consuming their snacks or meals.

What we offer

From great whole food brands like Deliciously Ella and Perkier Porridge to DA-SH waters and Choco Frubis, our snacks, meals and drinks really pack a punch that will taste fabulous and make you feel even better. The ranges are beautifully packaged to reflect the great tastes inside and make for inviting sustenance when your workers are feeling the need for refuelling. All of the products are kept fresh in our refrigerated vending machines and we will monitor the stock to ensure that everything stocked is within date and ready to be munched on. We do all of this for free, so you don’t need to worry about paying us a penny for the machines, delivery or maintenance. We even have a free 24-hour maintenance assistance, so you can call us if there’s ever an issue with your machine and we’ll be there to help you.

No worries

One of the concerns about having a vending machine in the workplace is undoubtedly the cost to you as the employer. With our Healthy Vending Machine in London, however, The Jar offers a low-risk investment for you. We do ask that you have a minimum 6-month contract with us, just to let us show you how good our service really is and so confident are we that you’ll love what we do, we don’t charge you for it! To find out more about what we offer and the types of machines that we have, we do recommend that you contact us to discuss your individual requirements with us. Typically speaking, however, you will just need to have a single plug socket and 1 metre squared floorspace for us to stand your vending machine in.

The advantages

Aside from the no fee bonus, the healthy eating advantages should really make for a happy workplace. If you are offering great food and drinks on the premises, we’re pretty sure you’ll start to see your employees are happy to stay and mingle over food rather than hotfooting it to the nearest corner shop. If food is the way to the heart, then we reckon your workforce will love what you’ve done with the provisions and that’s got to be good for the soul, right?

So, if you’re considering getting a vending machine, why not make it a healthy one with The Jar - Healthy Vending? We’re here to give you what you and your workforce need.

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