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You are what you eat guide from The Jar - Healthy Vending

In the world of healthy food, we often say you are what you eat. The main idea behind this saying is that everything you consume can either support your lifestyle or disrupt you. At the Jar - Healthy Vending we believe that our snacks and drinks can help you in maximizing your potential at what you do. Here comes our perfect lunch guide to reinforce your work capabilities with just the right food and beverage combo.

Working in banking and finance?

Our team knows well how demanding this job can be. Our CEO Iurii has actually been working in this field before. Missing the source of quick but same time nutritious lunch was one of the reasons The Jar - Healthy Vending machines were created in the first place. Long hours, not enough time to eat and late-night fast food deliveries.

What you always need: energy + brain boosters

The Jar - Healthy Vending lunch idea:

Swap you morning coffee/red bull for our DRGN turmeric infused superdrink. Free of caffeine and sugar but great fuel for your energy. Don’t miss out on perfect breakfast pot by Pollen&Grace with cacao to give your brain a bit of extra stimulus. Polish it with a top anti stress and anxiety snack - PRESS Pineapple and Goji bar.

Working in the creative industry?

Still long hours but even more emotionally demanding. We always hear working in the creative fields requires constant bringing of new and innovative ideas to the table. Seems as if only those who always deliver can survive in the worlds of Art, Marketing and Advertising. Even harder than finding inspiration can sometimes be finding powers to focus on the idea. All ideas might look brilliant but choosing one and delivering it might be a much more complicated task than coming up with one.

What you always need: energy + inspo + focus

The Jar - Healthy Vending lunch idea:

Best combo for energy + focus is one and only MEDA Focus. This innovative drink contains both caffeine for you to stay awake even longer and CBD to keep your concentration levels high. Grab some Ella Muesli rich with nuts and chia seeds for a quick but energy packed option. What is the snack? Popcorn! You thought that’s just some movie munchies but it is much more than this. As our Shed Berry-licious Popcorn is actually a whole grain, it keeps you mentally alert longer by regulating glucose. As a bonus it is filled with vitamins B6 and B12 for concentration and short memory.

Life-long learner? (#foreverastudent)

Student life can be very demanding and sometimes even more than you think. Especially when you are not straight after high school. Student parties in mid twenties ain't the same and your hangovers do feel like true body damage. The hardest bit is that you do need to keep up with “youngsters” where weekends are two days a week you do not drink. What you need in case of such an active lifestyle is constantly supporting yourself with enough vitamins not to put your immune system down.

What you always need: vitamin booster

The Jar - Healthy Vending lunch idea:

Get yourself always ready for all the hardest mornings after with our wide range of PRESS freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. This month's pick is their Lemon and Spirulina Water+ which looks like a fancy cocktail but brings value as a supplement. For a light but boosting lunch dish we recommend trying Mr Lee Chicken Noodles to keep you rolling. And of course don’t forget to take one of our new vegan Love Raw butter cups which will become your favourites, guaranteed. Now you've learned even more new ways to support your profession with accurate diet ideas. And guess which of these options our team chooses🤔

The Jar - Healthy Vending Team

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