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Advent Calendar - The Jar Edition

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Well well well, tomorrow is the 1st day of December! You guys, we are less than a month away from the holiday season!

This time of the year is always somewhat hectic and the pandemic situation sure adds up to the overall stress levels. The Jar Healthy Vending team has decided to use this opportunity to look at everything at the healthier angle, once again.

How about some self-care filled advent calendar? Come on, why not prepare to the whole new festive experience mindfully!

Healthy Vending in London, UK

1st week of December

Focus of the week

What's the best way to start the change? Correct - reflect and ponder on yourself. Before you go all-in with a whole new workout routine or a completely new vegan gluten-free amazonian forest-inspired diet, take a few minutes a day to think about the why's and how's.

We simply can't make right decisions if we don't do enough research - in this case, on ourselves. The Jar team suggests to think about these 5 things this week: how does something specific make you feel, what gives you energy, what takes your energy away, what matters at the end of the day, what are you grateful for. It's like 5-a-day, but for your mind.

Treat of the week

Aqua Esse Calm Energy! To make the pondering process easier - try this elixir to sharpen the senses. Citrus flower, lemon balm and magnesium in pure spring water. A unique ‘active-calm’ for the body and mind.

2nd week of December

Focus of the week

The best way to finally uncover your energy is to start moving. It's that simple. Action always ignites more action.

This week we suggest to focus on proactivity. Have you been postponing something for quite some time? Maybe a pottery class? Or a massage? Whatever it is, this week is the time to put it back in the calendar. No compromises!

Treat of the week

MEDA Focus! To aid your proactivity, try this espresso and vanilla flavoured CBD drink to help improve focus, concentration and to aid cognitive performance.

3rd week of December

Focus of the week

What makes you smile? When your friend sends you a morning message or a funny picture, or maybe even a whole pack of vitamins to support your immune system in these turbulent times - this is something that definitely gives a crazy burst of serotonin.

Festive season is always about compassion. This week we suggest to shift the focus from yourself to others. Give a generous tip, feed a stray cat or order a food delivery for your friend out of nowhere (this is probably the best thing anyone can do).

Treat of the week

LoveRaw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups! These vegan and artificial nonsense-free hazelnut chocolate butter cups are perfect with afternoon tea. Perfect for sharing with a friend too! Make someone's afternoon a little sweeter.

4th week of December

Focus of the week

During this week we suggest to think about the psychology behind goal setting, since New Year's resolutions are right around the corner.

Statistically, we stick to a very little percentage of the goals we set. Not because there's something wrong with us - but rather, because we tend to get unrealistic, dreamy and usually overestimate our time and energy a little.

Try to always remember that thorough change is gradual and slow - the common myth that only 21 day is required for a new habit to form itself might be just a myth. If you want to introduce new habits in your everyday life - take one step at a time and give yourself at least 2 months to focus on ONE thing.

Treat of the week

Candy Kittens Tropical Mango! These vegan sweets are a blend of big flavours with only honest ingredients. Guilt-free, delicious - we bet they'll be a good add-on to your new nutritional New Year's resolution.

Stay mindfully festive with The Jar Healthy Vending!

Hugs and kisses <3

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