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Fully Managed Vending Machines London

Welcome to the vending machine for you!
Fully Managed Vending Machines London

A healthy diet is important for all aspects of life. Good food and drink promotes greater well-being and mental health. Healthy eating helps promote good mood and productivity, a strong immune system, better cardiovascular health, strong teeth and bones and much more. By making the right food choices you can prevent cavities and tooth decay, you can prevent systemic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Here at The Jar we are passionate about promoting healthy eating. We offer healthy food and drinks through our bespoke healthy vending machines.

Our healthy vending machines enable you to offer a wide range of healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious products quickly and easily with no effort on your behalf. If you have a vending machine in your office, workspace, university, venue or other public space then you need to speak to us at The Jar and find out about replacing your vending machine with one of our modern, eco-friendly, fully managed vending London stocking a range of fresh fruit, snacks, drinks and meal options that promote good health and wellbeing.



Are you looking for a fully managed vending machine in London?

Traditional vending machines are full of sugary snacks and drinks that are detrimental to health and wellbeing. It is time that everyone got rid of them. Here at The Jar we provide fully managed vending in London that are expertly installed, regulated and stocked up with popular products, chosen by you or individually tailored to meet your needs.

How to get started?

To begin with you need a metre square of space and a plug point. We have a selection of healthy vending machines for you to choose from. Each of them are modern and attractive, energy efficient, user-friendly and provide contactless payment options. They are refrigerated to ensure all products are fresh and they have been designed  with good health, comfort and convenience in mind for you, your colleagues, clients, students or members of the public. 

How we take care of our machines

Each of our vending machines are remotely monitored. Once we deliver and plug in the vending machine it is our responsibility. We will make sure that it is stocked with delicious, healthy snacks and drinks. We offer breakfast options, soups, salads and grains that make up wonderful lunches and healthy dinners. We take into consideration dietary requirements and allergies. Our menus offer choices for everyone including those on a vegan diet, vegetarians as well as those with gluten and lactose intolerance.


Nutritional information and allergy information is available for all products so that users can find items that suit their individual requirements and preferences quickly and easily, knowing exactly what they are having. With a variety of products to choose from you will encourage people to make healthier choices and enjoy healthy eating. 

We make sure that there is no over stock. We work with Too Good To Go to sell any remaining items and for those leftover they are donated to local charities. With customisable options you can always look through a list of products and choose new items to stock and we will also monitor which items are most popular to make sure that they are always available.  

How much do they machines cost?

Our vending machines come at no cost to yourself and there are no fees for our services. We know when the machine needs to be replenished and we will also ensure that it is kept clean, carrying out any maintenance work where necessary.  We have made this easier by designing our machines for trouble-free operation and any technical issues can be detected quickly and easily so that your vending machine is always running successfully. We offer a free 24-hour technical assistance service if there are any issues.

What machines are available?

There are three machines to choose from. The MK1 is our original machine which displays the products and has a 22 in ultra high-resolution touch screen which lists all the products as well as their nutritional information and any allergy advice for convenience. It is user-friendly and offers a cashless payment system with a range of payment options. It is a refrigerated machine and can hold up to 480 items so that you can offer a fantastic range of healthy, fresh food and drink.

If you have less space then you may wish to speak to us about the Mk2 which is a slimmer version of the original Mk1. The Mk2 is also refrigerated and can stock up to 640 items, again allowing you to offer an excellent range of products however the products cannot be seen but this is compensated with an ultra-high resolution 42-in touch screen which displays all the products in full colour with all the nutritional information and allergy advice allowing you to filter products that are not suitable for you and list the options that are suited to your dietary requirements and your personal preferences. Again the Mk2 also offers a cashless payment system with a variety of digital payments possible. The machine is user-friendly and wheelchair friendly, a popular choice for the workplace or public space.


The MK3 has been designed as a combination of the best features of the MK1 and Mk 2. It stocks up to 480 items yet it is still compact. The items are on display and there is also an interactive touch screen to list the products and provide information on each item to encourage good dietary choices, better health and overall well-being.


What are you waiting for?

Speak to us at the Jar today and find out more about healthy vending machines at your convenience. As mentioned, our healthy vending machines are available to you at no cost to yourself. We will stock the vending machine, monitor stock levels, maintain the vending machine, and make sure it is functioning successfully at all times, offering your colleagues, students, members of the public healthy, nutritious food 24-hours a day so that they do not have to resort to a chocolate bar, packet of crisps and a fizzy drink but rather be able to select fresh, nutritious and delicious alternatives that will benefit their health and well-being, boosting positivity within the community. Whether you are looking to acquire a vending machine or replace your traditional vending machine with a healthy vending machine, we are here to help you. Take a look through our website or give us a call and find out about having one of our healthy vending machines delivered to you very soon.

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