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Healthy Snack Vending Machine UK

Welcome to the new snacking revolution!

Today more than ever, UK people are enjoying a snack between meal times to try and curb their appetite but also support research that indicates that 5-6 small meals a day is actually beneficial. There's plenty of evidence to support the fact that some people replace at least one of their three a day, notably breakfast, with a snack "on the go" instead of preparing a meal at home. It would appear that snacking is becoming a bit of a daily habit. 


That's not necessarily a bad thing as many consumers are choosing their snacks wisely and are what we like to call "smart snacking." Snacking habits and consumer motivation is changing but is the vending industry keeping up with this critical step change?


It used to be that the snack of choice was a packet of crisps, a confectionary bar or a can of fizzy drink. Over the last few years though, there's been a marked movement towards healthier living and with that the consumption of healthier snacks. 


Palates have changed and nutritional education has come on leaps and bounds. These days, consumers are more likely to grab a protein bar or a fresh fruit smoothie, which is excellent for our nations overall well-being. While obesity remains a primary concern within the NHS and absenteeism from work can often be linked to poor nutrition, more people than ever before are choosing healthier mid-day snacks. 


It's safe to say that being healthy is on-trend. Neilson reports that 41% of shoppers are actively searching for snacks that contain less sugar. Overall they're more discerning and certainly more receptive to high-quality nutritional snacks. 


Sadly though, or rather not from Jar Healthy Vending Machines perspective, many of the traditional style vending machines found around the UK are still stocked with snacks loaded with sugar and fats and lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. That's an opportunity, not a problem and we're about to fix that for you. Read on to find out more about why you should install one of our healthy snack vending machines in the UK today.

We all have a responsibility to educate and to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and a balanced and nutritionally sound diet. That's even more important if you own, manage to operate within a venue that enjoys high footfall. With the corporate wellness industry estimated to be worth £471 million in the UK, you may not have the budget or resources to provide your clients and employees with private health care or on-site counselling. However, with little more than just a small amount of space required and an electric socket, you can ensure that they always have access to quality and convenient, highly nutritious drinks and snacks. Even a hearty and well-balanced meal option if that's what your location requires.

Here's why we think you should install one of our healthy snack vending machines

Easy to set up with minimal implementation required 

  • Be up and running with your new healthy vending machine in hours

  • No need to hire additional employees to install or maintain your unit

  • No construction costs needed. Just use of space and wall socket


Flexible and  economical commercial plans available  

  • No upfront fixed expenses to be paid

  • Minimal running costs

  • Long term contractual commitments not needed


Access to varied, tasty, innovative and nutritious snacks and meal option

  • Snacks from local suppliers 

  • Products delivered chilled and at its optimal serving condition. 

  • Selection of products personalised for each location.

How Do You Go About Finding a Healthy Snack Vending Machine in UK

It couldn't be easier to hire one of our healthy vending machines. Simply contact your local vending machine provider who will take care of everything. Installing, delivering, maintaining as well as supporting you every step of the way on your clients' journey towards healthy snacking. 


Simply review our extensive range of food and beverage items to determine which ones are most suitable for both your clientele and locality. If there's no communal seating available for example, drinks and easy to consume snacks are going to be preferable to meals which require a knife and fork to consume. 


Agree your delivery date, provide access to your venue and that is pretty much that! Our highly-skilled, professional and diligent team will install your healthy vending machine, ensuring minimum disruption and the entire process should take little more than a few hours. Shortly after, anyone passing through your doors will be able to snack the smart, nutritious and convenient way. It really is that simple.

Here's Just Some Of The Key Benefits Of Hiring Healthy Snack Vending Machine

There are so many reasons why we recommend you install one of our healthy vending machines. It's certainly a decision you won't regret. These are just some of the key benefits other customers have already identified

  • Improve employee and customer health, morale and satisfaction

  • Save time and money spent on food shopping.

  • Better manage people congestion at your location during lunch. 

  • Hustle-free option to add diversified food choices at your venue. 

  • Establish a healthier and more sustainable Brand image.

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