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Buy Healthy Vending Machines In UK

Snacking The Healthy Way

More people than ever before are educating themselves to the importance of nutrition and eating a varied and balanced diet, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. As a nation, we are finally adopting a much healthier attitude towards food and exercise and living a lifestyle that promotes and celebrates these principles. It's a business that's booming and shows no signs of slowing down. We're even snacking healthier and not just eating our routine five a day fruit and vegetables at mealtimes. 

According to research carried out by Nielson, consumers are actively seeking out snacks with less sugar and which provide them with a valuable source of energy. Even more encouraging still for the healthy vending machine industry, 40% of those shoppers are more than happy to pay a premium price for these healthier and more functional based snacks. Post-workout protein recovery shakes are big business. It seems like smart snacking is a credible commercial enterprise. Who would have ever thought that kale would become so popular or that it was quite so versatile! We do a nifty range in kale crisps by the way.

There's a wider social trend towards healthier living and by buying a healthy vending machine in UK for your business or venue, you can both celebrate and capitalise on that culture. Healthy vending machines offer a very credible alternative to the traditional vending machines loaded with sugary snacks and fizzy drinks. By installing one in your enterprise, you can continue to raise awareness of the importance of eating a balanced diet while at the same time, supporting your clients and employees well-being in a hustle-free way. Better still, you can create a sustainable and long tern revenue stream for your business with an asset that will retain its value over time. What's not to love?

Why You Should Buy Healthy Vending Machines?

We've talked about our collective responsibility to respect and honour the consumers growing demand for healthier snacking options. By selecting the appropriate healthy vending machine and stocking it with nutritious products from credible and sustainably sourced suppliers, you are actively contributing to a global well-being movement. It's not just an investment in our health, it's an investment in our future, our planet and a way of living healthier forever. 


Healthy vending machines are for a good cause then, improving the overall health of people's lives. From a business perspective, though, they also deliver an excellent return, a stable and consistent income and an incremental revenue stream for your venue. It's never been a better time to consider buying a healthy vending machine.

How Do You Go About Hiring Healthy Vending Machines in the UK?

If that all sounds like something that you're interested in exploring further, then we'd love to hear from you. All you need to do is to get in touch with a vending machine firm, such as Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London who will take care of absolutely everything for you. 

From discussing the range of machines available, the various specifications, capacity and price points to physically organising your vending machine's installation and transportation. 

Once you've agreed on the machine that's best suited to your location, the fun starts. Deciding which healthy food ranges you're going to stock. That's something that we're also able to assist you with. Your machine can be fully stocked with healthy food from our current suppliers, or you can negotiate with local companies. It's a totally flexible solution and provides you with the opportunity to give your clients or employees what they need.

Here's Just Some Of The Key Benefits Of Buying a Healthy Vending Machine

There are so many reasons why we recommend you buy one of our healthy vending machines. We're positive that it's a decision you won't regret and in fact, one that you will only wish you'd decided to go head with earlier. These are just some of the key benefits other customers have already identified.

  • Provide a personalised healthy food menu at your venue

  • Improve employee and customer health and well being

  • Creative an additional long term revenue stream for your business 

  • Hustle-free option to add diversified food choices at your venue. 

  • Establish a healthier and more sustainable Brand image.

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