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Healthy Vending Machine 

Services for Food Suppliers

Grow with Us

We work directly with our wonderful suppliers and are also always looking for new ones.
Point of Sale

Our machines are attractive, well maintained, modern and strategically placed in busy locations.

All our vending units have features to make sure the user experience is smooth and to achieve higher sales.


We can provide computer generated sale reports to location and supplier management to track how things are going. We aim to analyse the best selling products and trends to  maximise the sales and user experience.

User feedback

We gather feedback and reviews and run questionnaires to help understand our customers and their preferences, and make this information available to our partners. We use a mix of online techniques and physical customer interaction to achieve the best results.


We will stock your products in our underground, Central London, secure storage facility when necessary. The Jar - Healthy Vending will take care of the logistics to the individual vending units.


We will take care of promoting The Jar - Healthy Vending machines. Both online and on site marketing techniques are utilised. The Jar will promote the locations, and your products to maximize our mutual sales.

Sustainable Packaging 

Where required, we will provide recyclable and biodegradable packaging for your products. We aim to run our business in a sustainable way and will not use any excessive packaging.

If you have an amazing product, please get in touch.
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