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Why you should hire healthy vending machines from The Jar - Healthy Vending

When somebody says the words ‘vending machine’ to you, it is highly likely that you picture a machine full of crisps, chocolate bars and sodas. But in the last few years, there has been a rather large change in the public's opinion of their health and now, more companies than ever before are looking to create healthy alternatives which can be beneficial for everyone.

So, if you are somebody who is looking to improve the health of your office staff as well as keep costs down, you may want to consider looking into a healthy vending machine.

At The Jar - Healthy Vending, we are exceedingly proud of our range of vending machines and are always able to talk to companies who wish to hire healthy vending machine UK for their office or other workspaces. We want to keep food convenient and healthy for everybody and with our simple-to-use machine design, it is possible for anyone to find a snack that they like.

So, if you are unsure about whether or not you should hire healthy vending machine UK, we have provided the following list of reasons why it is a good idea.

They are affordable!

You may have concerns that when you hire healthy vending machine UK, the hiring itself will be expensive or the machine will cost a lot to run. This is not the case, and our vending machines cost no more to run than a standard fridge, which is likely to be in your staff room.

Our vending machines are affordable to rent, and we are able to offer flexible contracts, so if you are not completely impressed by them, you are not under any obligation to keep them.

They are trendy

Our machines are visually very trendy and offer a touch screen interface for everybody to use. They also operate on a light system, so if they are not in use, the lights will turn off and they are also contactless. So, you won't have to worry about anybody needing to borrow money from you to order their favourite snack as they can simply tap their card! They also offer a range of different dietary requirements, so if you have people on your staff who are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, they will be able to find something that they like.

They are low maintenance

You don't have to worry about re-ordering snacks when it comes to our vending machines. Each one has an inbuilt alert system which works remotely to inform our team when one of the snacks, or all of the snacks are running low and to automatically re-order. We will of course inform you that we are dispatching a delivery to you via email.

They are green

You may have concerns that having a vending machine will cost a lot of money in the use of electricity. Our vending machines are exceedingly green and operate at 590 watts or the same wattage as a small household fridge. They do not waste electricity and will simply turn themselves off when they're not being used, lowering CO2 emissions.

They are just great!

Of course, we are going to boast about how great our vending machines are, but our clients have also agreed that these machines have revolutionised their workplaces, keeping their staff happier and healthier by being able to offer them nutritional snacks. So, if you're interested, feel free to contact our team at the Jar today.

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