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The Jar Trends - Flash Diet, Dopamine Detox, Peganism ⚡️

Every other week we encounter something interesting in the global World of Health. From useful and bearable hacks such as enhancing the benefits of carrot juice with olive oil to somehow weird and strange findings - think animal yoga.

We will present you with a Useful Hacks Guide next week, but today The Jar Healthy Vending will go through a few of the weird trends from across the world.

Let's dive in!

Healthy vending in London, UK

Next time your friend starts judging you for taking pictures of your food - look at him with one of those assertive glances and tell him you are improving your commitment to healthy food with a flash diet. Allow it a few days and you might be taking pictures of your food together.


Flash diet requires you to take a photo of all the food you eat. The diet is based on the principle that by taking a photo of the food you eat you will make better food choices.


"We break commitments to ourselves with embarrassing regularity” Tim Ferris.

This is true, a few of us can be proud of long term commitment to healthy habits. Flash diet is aiming at addressing that exact issue.

By taking a photo of your food in a compulsory manner will force you to think consciously about what you are about to eat. It does keep a focus on nutritious goals.

You can also reflect on everything that you eat in a day simply by going through your photo diary. Areas for improvement won't be hard to notice.

This approach will help you to be true to yourself and your choices.

P.S. And our The Jar healthy menu is very photogenic, jsyk. Just think about how ChariTea will look on your lunch pictures. Might be just the right content to post it to your IG story.

Healthy vending in London, UK


We mean, this might be the easiest diet to cause subconscious guilt.

Here are the steps:

  • Get a few friends to join the challenge.

  • Assign a timeframe

  • Establish an outcome goal for yourself, such as "eat smaller portions".

  • Take pictures of each and every food you take. Including snacks and drinks.

  • Reflect on your daily menu.

Healthy vending in London, UK

Lockdown has been enforcing dopamine detox on the humanity for quite some time already. What are we supposed to deprive ourselves from things that make us release the happiness hormone even more? Let's explore.

Oh, can you guess where we got this healthy trend from? Silicon Valley. Not biased, but still.


Dopamine fast is the process of allowing yourself (or rather forcing) to feel lonely or bored. In other words starving your body of food, sex, alcohol, social media, technology — and anything else that might give you even a flicker of fun.


To find pleasures in doing simpler and more natural activities, regain control over your habits and better manage compulsive behaviours that may be interfering with long-term happiness.

Dopamine fast has been suggested by Dr.Cameron Sepah in California as a cognitive behavioural therapy method to become less dominated by the unhealthy stimuli — the texts, the notifications, the beeps, the rings — that accompany living in a modern, technology-centric society.

Become less dominated by the unhealthy stimuli— the texts, the notifications, the beeps, the rings


We are not sure how to deprive yourself from happiness completely, we don't speak unhappy language at The Jar...But one good strategy to play around with dopamine is to limit external influences such as phone notifications.

Instead of automatically responding to the reward-inducing cues - allow your brains to take breaks and reset from this potentially addictive dopamine addiction. Remember, this will be useful only if you stick with the routine for some time (not a day).

Healthy vending in London, UK

There is no limit to human's creativity when it comes to diets. Another paleo-meets-vegan lifestyle trend.


The Pegan diet is a hybrid of two eating philosophies: vegan (no animal foods) and Paleo (no dairy, grains, soy, legumes, or processed sugar).


You know what's fun about it? Paleo diet is the complete opposite of veganism. Paleo is all about protein-rich lean meats and fish, and the vegans, well, are herbivorous. A little confusion but hey, this can be a more balanced way to be a part-time vegan.


75% of your meals should be made up of plants, with meat and fish allowed in small portions as toppings or side dishes. And wait, no whole grains?

Well, if you pass by The Jar healthy vending machine while on the pegan diet - don't worry we'll have an option for you too. For example, vegan Pollen and Grace courgetti pot.

Healthy vending in London, UK

Stay trendy with The Jar!

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