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What are serviced vending machines?

Serviced vending machines London offer a wealth of convenience-centric benefits for business owners, but what actually are they? These vending machines are typical vending machines but with a key difference. Serviced vending machines London offer a seamless vending machine placement experience that takes the hassle out of having to manage, monitor and maintain food dispensing units. Consider it the future of vending machines.

The Jar is a major supplier of fully serviced vending machines London. We offer a smooth and stress-free experience in the delivery, on-site placement and maintenance of vending machines at workplaces, schools and colleges, leisure and entertainment centres, shopping centres, gyms and medical facilities – wherever there is a need for convenient access to food and beverages 24/7.

How does serviced vending machine management work?

The first step in the process is to choose the vending machine of your choice. The requirements for the placement of our vending machines are quite simple. We will need access to an electrical power socket. Our vending machines are energy-efficient temperature-controlled units that will need to be kept plugged in to keep food items fresh for consumption. The second criterion is that there needs to be at least 1 square metre of free floor space.

Once installed on site, our specialist technicians will stock the vending machine once it has reached an acceptable cooling temperature with a select choice of quality health-focused food items.

The design of our serviced vending machines features state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated software to allow us to remotely monitor the unit's operation and maintenance needs. This service of vending machine units is carried out at no cost to the business owner.

Through the remote monitoring of units, we are able to detect when food items need replenishing or if there is a problem with the vending machine’s operation. We also provide access to 24-hour technical assistance services.

Why should you consider serviced vending machines?

It is easy to see why serviced vending machines make for a better choice of vending machine services. As a business owner with many claims on their time, any on-site refreshment solution that offers to save you time and money is worth looking into.

A serviced vending machine on your premises means that your employees, visitors or guests have quality refreshments within easy reach whenever they want them. Our vending machine units offer a customised menu showcasing nutritionally balanced foods and beverages for breakfast, lunch or any-time snacks.

As a health-focused vending machine supplier, we accommodate a variety of special dietary needs from gluten-free to lactose-free to sugar-restricted and vegan and vegetarian diets.

Businesses and workplaces can also benefit from improved employee productivity levels. Having to leave the office to go out looking for lunch can eat into the lunch hour, leaving employees little time to enjoy their meal. Another related factor is that a quick lunch often means carb and sugar-heavy food items that have a negative effect on energy levels and cognitive abilities.

Want to know how your place of work can benefit from serviced vending machine services? Get in touch with us at The Jar and have all your questions and concerns answered.

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