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Top 3 Healthy Eating Questions Answered.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We all know that healthy eating is good for us but still many are being trapped into the loop of unanswered questions and feeling too scared to start changing their habits. One of the aims of The Jar Healthy Vending blog is to enlighten and encourage our readers to swipe right for the healthier decisions in their life. Every week for more than a year we’ve been keeping you posted on all the new nutrition and health trends with 107 posts released since the start of our blog. As it started to get hard to find articles even for our team we have decided to make a post about these three questions which our blog readers ask us all the time and, probably, don’t even know that our blog has them all answered.

1) How can I start improving my eating habits?

Answered in one of our first posts adopting new healthier habits is not as hard as it sounds. We recommend starting from adding these three small but essential changes to your eating routine:

  • Substitute soft drinks with water to keep you hydrated

  • Plan your meals and snacks in advance to stop falling off the diet wagon

  • Focus on the nutrients rather than on calories to stay mindful

2) What are the most common superfoods?

The Jar Healthy Vending loves all the foods but most of all the super ones. Supposed to be a rhythm there but didn’t work out(( Anyway, we have long ago asked you to take our superfood test to find which superfood you are and if you haven’t done it, go and do it now! And just to refresh your mind “superfood” is a term used to name foods with an expectational nutrient density which brings health benefits to us. As per the original question, at the Jar Healthy Vending we believe the most common superfoods are:

- Matcha

- Goji

- Turmeric

- Spirulina

- Chia

- Acai

- Avocado

- Hemp

- Maca

And now the scariest question of these three which everyone is usually ashamed of when having a healthy eating conversation in a group of friends - “experts”.

3) What are the most trendy and healthy diets today?

A very tricky question in which everyone pretends to be that guru of nutrition throwing that chic quirky terminology and knowing zero about it. No surprise, healthy eating is the whole new fashion where many feel like they need to show off. However, our Adel has shared her sincere review of the most discussed diets just a few months ago for you to stick it to those diet critics at the table:

  • Seagan Diet - plant-based diet with the addition of fish and seafood dishes.

  • Pescetarian Diet - Seagan diet plus eggs and dairy.

  • Flexitarian Diet - Vegan lifestyle with a steak once in a while.

  • Volumetrics Diet - the balance between low-calorie foods and small portions of everything fried and greasy

  • The Mediterranean Diet - representation of a typical Italian holiday: fun, wine and pizza

We hope now you remember all the most important bits we’ve taught you throughout this year but in any emergency case such as a conversation with food snobs our blog articles are here to rescue you.

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